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The Overhyped IRS Scandal [CNBC – Kudlow]

May 27, 2013

Kudlow’s claim that Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself was news to me. I had no idea that they were going to make this claim. If I had known this would have been discussed — and I had known what the substance of the claim was — I would have responded that there’s a huge difference between saying “we won’t prosecute reporters” (which is what Holder said) and monitoring a reporter who receives an incredibly dangerous national-security leak in order to prosecute the traitor who leaked the information.

Recall what the allegation is: someone in the State Department, alleged to be Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, violated his top-secret security clearance to reveal to FOX journalist James Rosen that we had an operative high up in the North Korea Government. And Rosen reported it! If this allegation is true, Kim greatly damaged our national security with regard to a country that is so dangerous that it has threatened to nuke the US and may well kill our spy. If the Government proves Kim to be the source of the leak, I hope they lock him up for a very long time. At the very least, he had to be fired. And if the only way to know who the leaker was, was to monitor James Rosen, I can see why the Government did it. If the allegations are true, Stephen Kim is no whistleblower:  he’s a traitor.


As for Rosen, no one is prosecuting him. But was the impact of a story that North Korea will do yet another nuclear test worth destroying our underground spy operation in North Korea? I think not.  We still don’t know all the answers.  Maybe the leak was not as dangerous to national security as it appears to be. We’ll see. But I’m glad they’re doing the investigation. I just wish CNBC had alerted me that Kudlow was going to raise this issue prior to bringing me on air.  If I had known they were going to make such frivolous accusations about Holder, I would have been able to respond as I did above.  Unfortunately, they just told me they were going to discuss the IRS scandal.


If I had been giving a chance to respond on the scandal, I would have said it was ridiculously hyped by a whole bunch of people who have obviously not read the report by Bush appointee Inspector General J. Russell George who found incompetence but zero political motivation to errors made by the IRS in Cincinnati.

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