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Is Israel in "Crisis"? [IS]

May 1, 2012

I debate Peter Beinart, author of the Book “The Crisis of Zionism.”
Beinart argues that Zionism is in “crisis” because Israel can’t reach a deal with the West Bank Arabs to accept (or even negotiate over) the Palestinian State that Israel repeatedly offers them (which would be the third Arab State in Palestine to exist, in addition to Jordan in Eastern Palestine and Gaza, controlled by the terrorist group Hamas in the Southwest).
Beinart argues that an Arab Palestinian State containing virtually all the Arab population of the West Bank and Gaza and 95-98%+ of the empty land disputed between Jews and Arabs (in which both populations continue to illegally settle) is so insufficient that the Israeli-settled portion of the West Bank should be boycotted. Yet he does not advocate a boycott of the Arab-settled portion of the West Bank, even though he concedes that the Arabs’ terrorism and violence have not been conducive to peace.
In the interview, Beinart occasionally blames both sides but he seems to put the onus for action on Israel, even though it is the Arabs — not Israel — who refuse to even sit down and negotiate peace. Obviously I disagree.

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