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Is the "9/11 Truth Movement" a Front for the CIA?

February 21, 2007

Guest: Researcher Ty Brown, who hosts the Dream’s End Blog, has been studying this interesting possibility….
Ever since September 11, a few people — generally thought to be nut-cases — have been conflating real, extremely important questions about what happened on 9/11 with ridiculous bullshit like suggesting that explosives brought down the World Trade Center or that a plane never hit the Pentagon or that cell phone calls were never made from the Shanksville, PA flight. These outlandish theories then crowd out legitimate and serious question of Government failures at the very top, such as the Bush-Bin Laden relationship (including the President’s allowing Bin Laden family members to immediately leave the country), the failures of NORAD, the President’s and Vice President’s personal cowardice on September 11, 2001, their incompetent (at best) failures to heed the massive warnings that an attack like this would occur (coined as the “summer of threat” by terrorist czar Richard Clark), and their use of the terrorist attacks for their own partisan purposes.

For two years now, I have faithfully pursued these wild conspiracy theories at the request of listeners, just as I pursue any political story requested by listeners. And after having done a half dozen shows and interviewing the leaders of the movement, I have become more convinced than ever that these theories are not just bullshit, but actually are harmful bullshit. Harmful in that the cockamamie theories are crowding out legitimate, serious questions of our Government’s serious failures to prevent the attack, massive incompetence during the attacks, and the cover up afterward. (Remember Cheney’s lie that the terrorists were trying to hit Air Force One? Or that he ordered NORAD to shoot down the planes? Why weren’t these lies more fully discussed in the media?)
As I study the 9/11 Truth Movement further, I am coming to a darker conclusion. I am coming to belive the entire “9/11 Truth” movement is ITSELF a conspiracy, possibly paid for by the Cheney/Rove (“Bush”) Administration or its right-wing supporters, designed to confuse and conflate real important questions about our Government’s massive screw-ups on 9/11 with irrelevant nonsense about the World Trade Center blowing up by itself or some such.
It’s actually an extremely clever proposition. By mixing legitimate questions with completely ridiculous ones, paid agents (remember Armstrong Williams?) try to weaken investigation into the legitimate, real questions of 9/11.
It is no secret that the CIA and FBI make a regular practice of infiltrating organizations that ask legitimate and tough questions of the Government to try to destroy them from the inside. It is no secret that they have done so for decades and continue to do so today. Indeed, now I understand the point of spying on those Vermont Quaker meetings. Those pacifist little old ladies ARE a threat to exposing the truths about our Government and in that way, they can pose a greater threat to the current US Governmental regime than Saddam Hussein ever did.
Frankly, I’m surprised I didn’t surmise this out sooner, but now that I see it, it makes a lot of sense. It reminds me of the Leftist/Anarchist groups that infiltrate legitimate progressive critiquing organizations to destroy them from the inside, a common CIA tactic.
So this is a show where I hope to expose the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” for what I believe it to be — paid right-wing hacks posing as left-wing hacks and trying to distract us from the real truth of what happened on 9/11. Some of this is hard to prove, I admit, but I hope to at least raise legitimate questions with my learned guest.
Unlike “9/11 Truth”, this is a conspiracy I think I can find evidence to support. I look forward to giving all of you the INSIDE SCOOP! And those of you that believe in this movement but are legitimate citizens — rather than paid informers — I’m sure will welcome my investigation into who these people are and what their REAL agenda is.
I hope to expose a dark and very clever conspiracy to divert our attention from the Administration’s severe failures into 9/11. Right now it’s just a hypothesis, but at the moment, it’s the only theory that can possibly explain the ridiculous conspiracy theories of the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement.”
What do you think?

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  • Bigotry is for losers March 1, 2007 9:32 am

    Jerk-Jerk–give it up–one death is too many in the eyes of God–tell your statistics to your maker

  • Agent 69 February 28, 2007 9:05 am

    We finally got the head perp for 9-eleven after excessive waterboarding at Gitmo–it was actually Santa Claus posing as OBL–we got his signed confession before he died

  • Sean February 27, 2007 6:26 pm

    Thanks for letting my entry with the 5 examples of OBL post. I appreciate it. Looking at that example can you now say with a straight face that OBL confessed to 911?
    I’m an uncle 11 times, and every charismas we have a tradition where a family member or friend plays santa clause. The kids over age 4 or 5 will start to catch on that santa looks a bit too much like ‘uncle Greg’, but they go along with it for the fun of it. I would bet that over half my nephews and nieces could pick out the fake OBL from this picture.
    If it is not strong enough to convince a group of children, why would we all believe it?
    OBL confession is not fun, and it is no joke. It is not a clever little joke that we can snicker at. It is the ENTIRE official case against him. There is zero evidence outside this fake video linking him to 911. I’m no supporter of OBL, he seems like a seriously flawed guy from what I know of him. But, I do not believe in convicting someone in the court of public opinion. Especially with so much evidence pointing to another group, don’t we deserve a criminal investigation? Can’t you admit that 911 was a crime?

  • Mark Levine February 27, 2007 8:48 am

    Hey Sean,
    Posts with links are automatically held by the spam filter, because, believe it or not, I get more than 1000 a day! But once I see they’re not from a computer robot I post them.
    As for JoeJoe, I’ll partially grant your request, and delete his Holocaust Denial links. I’m not inclined to begin a Nazi Resource Center. The Holocaust Denial links are against the law in several European countries and I want my site available internationally. Plus, they are, as you say, off topic, as well as being anonymous and racist. But I’m not inclined to delete them totally, because I believe in free speech.
    Besides, they are evidence of what my guest Ty Brown said on this day’s show: there are literally “Fascists” who have joined the 9/11 Truth Movement to mix legitimate questions with illegitimate ones. And Sean, they make your movement look bad, which is why you are right to disown them.
    JoeJoe, if you want to continue to make your antisemitic comments, go ahead but no more links for you unless you come out of anonymity and post a legitimate email address. Those that want to read how you advocate another Holocaust/mass murder will just have to use Google to determine the best ways to gas Jews instead of coming here to read your Nazi posts.
    It’s funny, in a way. I’m entirely used to subtle racism and antisemitism. It angers me and it’s something I fight every day. But when I see unsubtle bigotry, blatant advocations of mass murder, it’s so astounding that I think it’s best left for the world to see that such hateful idiocy still exists.
    Joe, if anyone in the world doubts that there are still people with enough evil and hate out there to openly advocate genocide for Jews or other peoples, there are always your posts to remind us to remain ever vigilant. As long as the State of Israel exists, Jews will never again be exterminated in mass numbers.
    I wish I could say the same for other peoples. We must SAVE DARFUR NOW!

  • Sean February 27, 2007 3:35 am

    I posted a link to the Osama fake confession tape, but Mark would not let it post (posts with links are held for approval).
    Soooooooo… following is another one that is a NEWS Article with full sources. This is from a freedom of info act release, where the DoD admits that there is zero credibility to that tape!