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Is Your Vote Safe?

March 21, 2004

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Is Your Vote Safe?
Special Guest: Congressman Rush Holt
In the Election of 2000, Justice Scalia and four other members of the United States Supreme Court ruled that Florida had no right under the law to count 170,000 of its votes because to do so would cause “public acceptance” that Gore won the election instead of Bush, and this would “cast a cloud” over the “legitimacy” of Bush’s claim to have won the election.

So 170,000 Floridian votes — far more Gore votes than Bush votes and more than enough to elect Gore as President — were discarded uncounted. Frankly, Latin American dictators steal elections with far more panache.
In order to prevent more Floridas — whether caused by voter error, corrupt local officials like Katherine Harris, or another coup d’etat by a runaway activist lawless Supreme Court — many states have turned to electronic vote counting rendering it impossible to make a voter error.
Is that enough? Sure, unless electronic data can be manipulated. Can it be? Well, put it this way….have you ever gotten a computer virus or spam? No? I guess your votes are safe then. But if you fear — as I do — that without a paper record, vote counts can be manipulated, then you’ll want to hear this week’s show.
My guest, Congressman Rush Holt (Democrat of New Jersey) has a bill, the Help America Vote Act (H.R. 2239) that requires a paper record of every vote cast to ensure against electronic tampering with the vote.
Is anyone surprised the Republican Party does not support this bill to require accurate counting of every American ballot?
Is your vote safe?

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