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#Kompromat: Is Russia blackmailing the President of the United States?

July 19, 2018

In this edition of “The Inside Scoop with Mark Levine,” Mark is joined by a very special in-studio guest, Ret. USAF Colonel Cedric Leighton, Chairman of Leighton Associates LLC and Leighton International Strategies, LLC.
Colonel Leighton is an expert in foreign relations, and a Military Analyst for CNN.
Mark and Colonel Leighton investigate the Russian concept of “Kompromat”, a Russian clandestine strategy developed long before the creation of the Soviet Union. It is designed to acquire, by any means necessary, compromising information on one’s political enemies.
They agree that this is exactly what the Russians are doing to this day, and are very likely to possess compromising intelligence on President Trump already.
Was President Trump’s inability to rebuke President Putin in Helsinki an impeachable offense?
Listen to today’s “Inside Scoop” for answers to that very question.
Watch the Facebook Live video, featuring Mark and Ret. USAF Colonel Cedric Leighton, right here.

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