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Mark on Air America at Campaign for America's Future

June 2, 2009

Mark Levine and Richard Greene interview each other.

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  • Dr. Frank N. Stein June 8, 2009 8:20 am

    The Evolving Brain
    The human brain
    is a living organ
    of tissue, fiber,
    blood and water,
    of nervous cells
    within a cortex of being,
    a vortex of sensory sensitivity
    sending and receiving
    perceptive processing
    continuously evolving,
    closer to truth,
    the human brain
    is a dynamic electronic mechanism
    ever remodeling,
    changing, adapting, acting, reacting,
    managing a plethora of feeling,
    of dealing with animal survival,
    as well, over time,
    with the consideration of philosophic virtue,
    the transcendental incidentals
    that make existence worthwhile,
    the human brain
    is an enigma
    of capturing enrapturing emotion
    becoming an identity all its own,
    as long
    as an incorruptible indwelling spirit
    calls it home.

  • Nguyen McSmith June 7, 2009 8:24 am

    Magnificent Shelter
    Come rest
    in gentle shelter of the Father,
    safe from pain and duress,
    strain and stress
    of impending crisis,
    go within
    to sweet release
    from all the worldly pressure,
    the danger
    that tempts the mind to fear,
    be near
    to sacred sanctum
    the heart knows is true,
    that will not fail you
    in this fragile moment,
    for holy power
    is only a breath away
    in your silent prayer
    that reveals the magnificent glory,
    that is everywhere.