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Told Ya So: Judge Rules Arizona Law Unconstitutional

July 29, 2010

Arizona is ridiculous to check the immigration status of every person arrested there. In this video, I explain the Arizona decision to Megyn Kelly of FOX. She thinks I have the law wrong, but I show her I got it right. (See pages 13-17 of the opinion for proof.)

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  • Mary July 29, 2010 6:49 pm

    Shame on you!

  • Mark Levine July 29, 2010 4:17 pm

    There’s an important distinction between disagreeing with the President’s policies and these policies being unconstitutional. If you vote against a politician and he nonetheless wins an election because the majority of your fellow citizens disagree with you, you will often find yourself disagreeing with the same policies implemented that you disliked when they were proposed by the candidate. The solution, of course, is to convince enough of your fellow citizens that you’re right that they vote against this politician’s re-election. That’s how democracy works.

    If you believe the President’s policies/proposals to be unconstitutional, please cite for me which part of the Constitution you believe they violate and then we can have a rational, informed discussion.

    What particularly about our Constitution and system of laws legally rendered thereunder do you consider to be a dictatorship, much less a socialist one?

    Other than having lost an election and disagreeing with the President’s policies for reasons yet unstated, do you have anything to say to convince me you’re other than a sore loser?

    If you disagree with the President’s policies or my commentary, say why.

    If you believe the President to have violated the Constitution, say how.

    But pure name-calling, while your democratic and Constitutional right, lets everyone know that there’s no substance to your criticism. It tells the world you’re just mouthing off.

  • j moak July 29, 2010 2:50 pm

    how dare you say that Obama was being courageous by so called upholding the constitution. if anything he is throwing the constitution into the ground. with the cap and trade and the financial bill and with all of his czars and with his health care law these are all against the constitution and against the polls. people that are courageous don’t ruin the most wonderful country in the world and try to turn it into a socialist dictatorship country. i cant figure out why people like you are praising this guy.