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Mark a Guest on "The Right Balance"

March 17, 2006

Greg Allen of “The Right Balance” interviews Mark Levine.
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  • Tom Fox says "Yes" to a Dept. of Peace March 26, 2006 10:20 am

    The basic misunderstanding people have with the concept of peace is that it is something soft and yielding–that peace activism is about being nice and accomodating to evil and giving into aggression and malevolence–that is what the enemies of peace would have you believe–and there is nothing further from the truth–the Dept. of Peace is about pragmatically attacking the real causes of desperation to a volatile situation
    Tom Fox found out the struggle for peace is nothing candy-assed and pretty–he probably wished there had been a Dept. of Peace already instituted to give the president alternatives in dealing with reconstruction in Iraq, dealing with the Iraqi people’s real cultural needs, concentrating on resupplying water and electricity to the populace and addressing sectarian differences versus militarily building up a Green-Line and making sure Camp Victory is supplied with ice-cream and paying anonymous bribes to a bogus puppet government–and maybe then he wouldn’t have had to go on a personal mission as an individual peace-messenger–to his death
    Tom Fox probably would have liked a Department of Peace to be in existence–in lieu of dying–because the option of peace is not recognized in the cabinet of this US administration
    Ask Tom Fox now, and he will be one more spirit sensing the merit of a Department of Peace that will supply trained governmental officers to do the job he tried to do–and act as liaisons with the military to avoid cultural atrocities like Abu Ghraib and what’s going on everyday in the streets of Baghdad
    The problem with evil is that it fosters fear–and those with hearts not brave enough to see through that fear–react with fear–and cast more fear on the fire–until the fire gets so big–the fearful become overcome with fright and think the only answer is the illusion of military might
    We need brave souls–to put water on the fire–alleviate the desperation of the human race–and find out, after all, what’s behind everybody’s eyes is not that different–to not accomodate evil but shine light on it–and make it dissipate