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Mark Defends the Constitution of the United States

March 30, 2005

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The Republicans who control our One-Party Federal Government — in the House (especially Tom Delay), in the Senate, and on the courts (including the Supreme Court, especially Antonin Scalia), and those who pull the strings of our puppet President (Dick Cheney and Karl Rove) — hate the United States Constitution because it is the only thing restraining their complete and ultimate power. They could amass much greater wealth and power and develop a real Taliban-like theocracy if it weren’t for the pesky restraints of this 216-year-old document to which all officeholders in the U.S.A. are required to swear allegiance.
And unlike those who would pledge allegiance to a “flag,” the Constitution is a real document, with real restrictions, and is really difficult to change.
Right-wingers are taught by Rush Limbaugh, paid propagandists, and other professional prevaricators to revere the Constitution — which they have rarely read and never studied — even as they seek to undermine it. Using the sad truth that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” they repeat the talking points they have heard — things like “strict constructionism”, and “let the Senate vote on judges” and “gay marriage and universal health care aren’t in the Constitution” and “Bush won the Election of 2000” — with strikingly little knowledge of the text, history, and power of this one short document that is the last roadblock to their takeover of America.
Today, Mark, a Yale-trained Constitutional Lawyer, defends the Constitution and illustrates in detail its continuing relevance and importance to our lives and to our battle against tyranny. Grab your pocket Constitution and wield it like a weapon, because it is far more powerful than a gun and one of the last defenses we have.
And to those who would destroy this finely crafted system of checks and balances, separation of powers, individual rights, and equality under the law, Mark dares you to call in. BRING IT ON!

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  • Metaphysical Phil April 10, 2005 4:18 pm

    Vicky–Metaphysically the premise is–God is good–man is a creation of God–so man is intrinsicly good
    Where man gets in trouble is creating separate from God (or goodness)–and the ego(one of these creations of man)–the workings of the ego creates karmic cycles–and legacies of mistakes(called sins)–until man thinks he’s completely separate from God–but it’s an illusion
    God is still in man–buried deep and disguised–but the essence of man is still good (it is God)
    That’s the rationale in words that feeling human beings don’t need–because they feel God within them–they don’t have to pay money, see a priest, or take a dive backwards into a Baptistry to feel God
    At my core
    I am nothing
    than anyone else,
    than God within
    Mastery beaming
    golden brilliant light throughout,
    majesty constantly,
    not a hole,
    but a whole,
    Created, creating being,
    just being,
    seeing, feeling
    warming, exciting,
    humility rejoicing…

  • Vicky April 10, 2005 11:55 am

    What do you have to back up your claim of the innate divinity of man Gordon?
    In good conscience, I can’t pat your “old man’s” (said with affection) head and not challenge you on some of these issues.