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Mark on Air America Tonight

July 11, 2008

Tonight Mark is on Richard Greene’s show discussing how the House of Representatives can jail Karl Rove for disobeying yesterday’s subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee.
Catch the story the mainstream media has missed. Urge YOUR Representative to hold Rove in “inherent contempt” and jail him in the Capitol until he obeys the Congressional subpoena. The Capitol switchboard number to reach ALL Members of Congress is 202-225-3121.
Here’s House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers saying he wants Americans to call their Members of Congress to urge them to find “inherent contempt” for Harriet Miers’ disobedience of his subpoena.

And the case against Karl Rove — who appears to have used the full criminal power of the US Government to make up a false claim to imprison an innocent Democratic Governor (of Alabama) solely for political reasons — is far stronger than the case against Miers.
Conyers: “Conyers: “I don’t want it to be heard … that I was a party to you urging tens of thousands of people to swamp the telephone lines of the Congress to get them to do what you and I want them to do.”

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