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The Arizona Immigration Law is Unconstitutional

May 30, 2010

“We always know we’ve hit stride
when Mark pulls out his Constitution.”

— Megyn Kelly

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  • Dianne Perales June 1, 2010 2:46 pm

    I totally agree with Mr. Dowling’s comment. Are you a citizen of this country or do you support terrorists, Mr. Levine? If you loved this country, you would want to protect this country and its citizens!

  • Brian Dowling May 29, 2010 12:01 pm

    Sir, for being so educated, how can you be so dumb? The new law in Arizona is doing nothing more than enforcing the laws set forth in the Constitution concerning illegal immigration. There are terrorists that attempt to cross the Mexican border, infact the DHS issued an alert the other day to that effect. The majority of illegal immigrants are Hispanic. The majority of them are good people. I myself lived in Texas and became good friends with an illegal immigrant. Out of concern for him, and my desire to not see him deprted and branded a criminal, I urged him to return to Mexico and get the paperwork completed so taht he could be in the States legally. I fully support Arizona in this endeavor, and I hope that Texas and New Mexico adopt similar laws.