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I Debate Megyn Kelly on the Economy and Obama’s Poll Numbers

August 12, 2010

I thought this was a really good, tough debate.

But a number of conservatives were upset that I joked about Rush Limbaugh’s drug habit. Guess Rush can joke about Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease and call me names, but Rush’s fans can’t handle a joke at Rush’s expense.

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  • CowboyJack December 11, 2010 7:35 pm

    Rush deserves to be beaten over the head for his drug addiction.

    He makes holier-than-thou statements on his show all the time, criticizing people who make mistakes and fall from grace.

    His drug addiction is simply sweet justice.

  • Robt August 21, 2010 5:06 pm

    How dare you slander Rush Limbaugh like that. Out of left field like that was totally uncalled for. You need to stop calling my hero and lifes mentor names like that.

    Do you think you have the right to speak poorly of Rush simply because Rush does it every day throughout his program?

    It is obvious that you(Mark) are an American first. You can’t seem to understand you must be a republican first. What ever FOX feeds us we need to mimic. It helps to support our political party that we do not even understand anything of its pplatform.
    For instance, I alone have the knowledge of where tax payer dollars should be spent.

    It should be spent on embassy contractors to protect dignitaries at $140 thousand a year instead of paying the US Marines the patriotic salary of $20 or $30 thousand a year salary. Besides, the marines did too good of a job and made it look like Gov’t could do something right.
    I bet you think that Gov’t should handle all StudentLoans through the student loan Gov’t programs. Ha,
    Private banks need to get that money and provide those Gov’t student loans.
    Since you don’t know I’ll tell you. Because, those private bank owners don’t have to take any risks in people not repaying the loans because the Gov’t covers the loans and defaukts. Even when a student defaults on a student loan, the Gov’t pays not only the loan but the interests the private bank charges for the huge risk the bank takes in loaning the Gov’t money. It also allowes these private banks to raise interest rates on these loans to pay higher executive pay and make more republican campaign donations. All at the Govt’s expense.

    Because only private sector entities can and should be able to legally steal.

    You have a lot of nerve to to go on FOX News and tell us devoted lemurs something other than what FOX feeds us.
    It hurts my head every time someone like you speaks of issues in terms other than what I am programmed to hear.
    I have no idea why FOX has you on. FOX needs to only have on agreeing mentalities with the corporate mantra I have been led to believe is the GOD and Republican country party.
    Our founding fathers were God fearing conservatives, That is why they believed in freedoms. That is why republicans wear Amrican Flag pins (made in China). It is freedom!
    Although Burk (a founding time) conservative of his time was a typical conservative of that time and whole heartedly supported England and its control of the Americas.
    You smell like a rat bagel when you disagree with any of my FOX and Friends. It is so disrespectful and UnPatriotic of you to even go on a FOX show.
    If you have to go on FOX then the least you should do is understand your [osition in life as a liberal scum bag and play that role while on FOX.
    You are not supposed to have any ideas of sound thought. FOX doesn’t normally allow for that in opposing views.

    And remember, FOX is a loyal republican. It is not Republicans are loyal corporatists of FOX and other corporations.

    Did you get all of that?

    Why I hope hannity prays poorly at you if we can ever get him to church.

    And by the way, I see no conflict of intereats with all the republicans who are past republican electorial losers, Presently republican candidates, or future republican candidates on FOX’s p[ayroll.
    There is no there-there. It is just coincidence…

    You should have no rights as an
    American because you are not a devoted religious republican.conservative, Tea Party member.
    Got that, you Liberal?????????

  • Mark Levine August 13, 2010 6:24 pm

    No. Calvin Coolidge didn’t cause the depression. Herbert Hoover did. I fully support balanced budgets and even surpluses (the way Bill Clinton did) in times when unemployment is low. I only support deficit spending when the economy is underemployed and I do so for firm reasons of economics.

    The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates to near zero. Businesses and rich people are flush with cash, more than they’ve had in five decades. But they are still not hiring because there is insufficient demand for their products.

    And demand is low because unemployment is high. There’s no way out of this game of chicken (businesses: “I’m not gonna hire until demand increases. I don’t want a bunch of inventory on the shelves.” And individuals: “I’m not gonna purchase a bunch. These are tough times. I’m saving my pennies until times get better.”) EXCEPT with Government aid.

    Now watch the magic of Government deficits in times of depression (and not in other times, remember).

    Government demands products. Businesses have to supply the product. They hire workers to supply the product. Unemployment goes down. Then those workers can afford to buy more things. That further increases demand. That causes businesses to employ even more workers. Who spend more money. And so and so forth until full employment. As Henry Ford once said, “I keep the price of my Model Ts low so that my own workers can buy them.”

    AND Government hires people. And those people now have jobs. So they spend. And demand increases. And businesses have to hire more people. Etc, etc.

    Government spending of $1 does NOT inject $1 into the economy. It injects several dollars via this multiplier effect. Similarly, 100 government jobs create many more than 100 jobs via the same effect.

    In a downward, deflationary, depression spiral, the ONLY way out is Government spending. John Maynard Keyes was right. So was FDR. And the Republicans, having prevented a larger surplus, are crying crocodile tears as they complain about Obama not fixing the economy that they prevented him from fixing.

    Does that detailed explanation make sense to all of you who called me moronic and idiotic without taking to time to actually listen to what I was saying?

  • craven morehead August 13, 2010 5:49 pm

    Calvin Coolidge created the depression because he balanced the budget. Therefore Obama should spend more money to get us out of the depression. This is so mornic that it appears to be intentially done so some idiot like me will come on and post a comment.

  • L. August 13, 2010 12:48 pm

    You are obviously jealous of Rush and your comments today about him show that. You have lost a huge fan base by your comments. Who are you? Never had a problem with anything in your life? Never overcome anything in your life? You are self-righteous and I hope that no one but the left wants you on their shows from here on out. That will be your fan base very, very soon.