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Mexico Says: “Don’t Go to Arizona!”(Mark on FOX)

April 28, 2010

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  • Alan April 29, 2010 12:11 pm

    So Mark you are accusing the cops of Arizona of breaking the law . Because that what they would be doing in your scenairo. The Governor has even gone so far as to sign an Executive Order.(you know the same thing Obama did to guarantee to prevent Fed funds to pay for abortions)to prevent what you try to use as fact.Thus a poilce officer seeing a brown skinned spanish speaking person CANNOT be approached for tha reason alone. Change your name to Mark Sharpton. And you still haven’t answered my question as to why these criminals should be treated any different then any other criminal. They broke the law. You want to fine them and make them citizens. Fine them and send them home. You and others use the excuse no one else will do their jobs. Well with the amount of unemployment I bet a lot of people would do those jobs to feed their families. The reason so many of these jobs became available is because of welfare. The Govt. pays people to stay home. Who did these jobs before the illegals back in the time of the dust bowls. Most of these jobs were done by citizens, but along came the Govt. and unions who said the pay needed to be higher which in turn made the price of the product or service higher, which then the union said the workers needed even higher wages and more benefits and so on etc.Give a citizen a chanc ethey just might suprize you and Obama and take these jobs. I know I would wash dishes to feed my family.
    And yes Mark excatly, they can “Detain”, you know place you in handcuffs and put you in jail until you produce ID. So maybe that is what Arizona should have done. And when they can’t provide LEGAL ID (license, Green card, Social Security card school id card as all schools now have them) would that make you happier. I myself really don’t see much of a difference except you and the left want to againn DEMONIZE something or someone in this case the cops. For doing something that Obama refuses to do. Oh by the way its already been shown where some of the ones who cross are form other then S America. But I guess you know it all.
    Do you consider Ms Pelosi and Mr Reid as being respectable??? Because they called me and the Tea Party “Nazis, Un American,un patriotic” Or doesn’t that matter. Joe Biden has also called me unAmerican and un patriotic. Even the President feels anyone who doesn’t agree with him has been called unpatriotic. Now if you want proof I can show you the video. And I bet if you look hard enough you will find the footage from when the protesters call for the death of Bush. Because it was on the nightly news.
    I don’t watch or listen to Rush. what he says is up to him. Obama has given Rush the ammo to say what he does by doing and saying things that put him in that light. Healthcare “We will do what ever it take to pass it” so he does. But first as a Senator he rails on the Repubs. for using reconcililation then turns around and jams it through. (just barely)
    Taking over companies in the name of saving them. Leaving the PM of Isreal in his office like he did. Pushing Isreal away from us as an Ally. People liks Sen. Sanders who feel the need to take over or breakup any Company the “Govt.” deems to large. Does all that sound like what the USA was founded on?

  • MRL April 28, 2010 6:56 pm

    Congress, the government, which is controlled by the democrat party, is not doing anything to solve the immigration issue.
    Nothing. all they want to do is grant amnesty just as GW Bush did. Obama and them do not want to meet in the middle and solve the problem. If the federal government did something like put troops on the border or build a wall the Gov of Arizona wouldn’t be in this position. that’s what people like yourself keep missing. all they’ve got to offer is amnesty. and that’s unacceptable to the majority of the country.

  • MRL April 28, 2010 6:49 pm

    Mark, stop your parsing. I wasn’t there and you weren’t there but reporters from various news organizations were there and they saw and heard with their own eyes, these people spitting and calling cops pigs. these are independent reporters from AP and Washington Times.
    You haven’t called nazis on here but your pals in the leftist media and in the democrat party have and they still are.
    how is it a police state? again, if this was a real police state where police were really fascists they’d be asked for their id and if they didn’t they’d be killed, we don’t do that here no the difference!

    THANKS TO THE POSTER who returned to show this idiot all of the left winged democrat party Hitler Bush slander throughout 8 years.

    You’re citing something that the government won’t do. the federal government hasn’t closed the borders and deal with the situtaion and for Arizona it’s come to a fever pitch.


    you don’t care about them b/c you and the DNC cannot pander to them for votes. we all know what this is about marky boy, it’s all about getting more and more uneducated people from mao mao land to come up here, so you can give them free stuff off the back of the tax payer, so that they’ll vote for you.
    you don’t give a SHIT about the downtrodden. this is simply a political strategy nothing more.
    and anyone in the GOP who does this is just as wrong
    To hell with all of you.

  • Mark Levine April 28, 2010 6:22 pm

    These laws are only after someone is detained/stopped by the police (i.e. not free to leave). In other words, if the police have the power to detain you (which is kind of like an informal arrest in that you are not free to leave), they can get your name in 29 states. But to detain you, they must have some evidence you have committed a crime or some other lawful reason.

    Arizona is not an “I.D. after lawful stop” state; it’s an “I.D. after lawful contact” state. In other words, if you look like an illegal alien (whatever that means, and Arizona’s Governor says she has no idea what it means), you’re in trouble.

    Thus, a police officer in an ice cream store who sees a brown-skinned Spanish-speaking man with pesos would have no power to stop him in 49 states. But in Arizona, if this law were constitutional, the cop could do so, under “reasonable suspicion” the man is an illegal immigrant, when the man could just as well be a Mexican national or even an American citizen who just got back from Mexico. Somehow I doubt the illegal German alien in Arizona will be stopped as well.

    No. I don’t remember anyone asking for Bush’s assassination but I take you at your word than an extremely obscure author did so. I don’t recall Michael Moore doing so. You’ll have to send me a link on that one. (Not that I haven’t criticized Moore many times. I have.)

    As I said, I personally condemned those on the Left who compared Bush to Hitler, as did most leaders of the Democratic Party. If only the Republican Party stood up to wackos on the Right like Rush Limbaugh who compared Obama to Hitler! But the Republicans are in bed with their wackos, even as most Democrats distance themselves from ours.

    Will you distance yourself from Limbaugh’s Obama/Hitler comparisons?

  • Alan April 28, 2010 5:54 pm

    Mark if you give them amnesty what will that cost? You are going to fine them if they stay correct? So take that fine and send them home.
    Mark for crying out loud you I am sure have the same way of finding out things, you look it up. And if you leave with out ID and get hurt unconscious it can mean the the difference between your family being notified and you laying in a room as John Doe.
    Here are 29 states and the statue. Its called Stop and Identify
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    In Nicholson Baker’s new novella, “Checkpoint,” a man sits in a Washington hotel room with a friend and talks about assassinating President Bush

    Assassination of George W. Bush: A Love Story (Paperback)
    ~ Krandall Kraus (Author
    Fahrenheit 911″
    (2004) Michael Moore In which most of the facts were from the mind of Micheal Moore
    The movie Death of a President (2006)
    Do you remember any of those. Do you remember any of the anti Bush demonstrations,him as hitler, wishing him dead or other stuff . The same as you accuse the tea party o. Did any of the left stand up and say it was wrong? Give me time I will find statements by some of the left who you will consider as “respectable”.
    You are either really ignorant or think I am “lawful contact” means and again you try to pull an Al Sharpton-Jessie Jackson act the same as lawful stop it means you have to be doing something to draw suspicion of the police. Now if you think some one eating ice cream will draw that suspicion,you are so full of crap as is Sharpton and Jackson. The cops have to much other to do. You would be one of the first to cry foul if you were assaulted and would want to know why the cops did not stop it from happening. You hear it all time “where were the cops” or why wasn’t this guy in prison. But then support the criminal before the victims.Go ahead try to make Arizona and the cops the bad guys and the”criminals” the victims. You and Obama just like Mr Ayers is not a criminal. He is the one like Timothy McVeigh. Not the members of the Tea Party