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Mark on Headline News: A Small Number of Californians Cashed Workfare Checks in Casinos

June 25, 2010

Mark’s Message: When poor people gamble with public funds, they lose. Shame on them. But when rich corporate officers gamble with public funds, we all lose. Shame on us.

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  • robin eberle July 15, 2010 5:44 pm

    You are in the select class of educated idiot…..just listened to a small portion of you on Fox..You label someone who thinks obama is a socialist as uneducated and not quite as smart as you… are an elitist punk. So, in your little world, if someone has a different view from you, you react like a spoiled little brat……I am college educated and would debate your spoiled, ingnorant, leftist views any time. I know your kind…spoiled little rich kid that was picked on and bullied as a child.. mommy and daddy set you up in your comfortable lifestyle, because they knew you couldn’t make it on your own…….i’ve got you figured out……here is your biggest problem…you may be book smart…..but quite ignorant in life settings….you are a small person with no moral values…w/ nothing to fall back on
    Robin Eberle

  • Doug Hamilton July 15, 2010 2:41 pm

    After listening to your diatribe on Fox News w/M. Kelly, I firmly believe”higher education gave you, not an education, but a higher indoctrination. Your statements were very elitist and condescending. “Aw shucks, I’m jest a bumd truk dryver”and I ,yes even I, know you can not spend your way out of debt. How can one with so much education be so doltish?

  • Hope d'Amore July 15, 2010 2:31 pm

    Really – it’s not California’s fault that they’re billions in debt – it’s because of the recession? It’s got NOTHING to do with all the people and businesses they’ve chased out of state with their draconian regulations and high taxes? And your spurious argument about having to fire “Policeteachersfiremen” if everyone else doesn’t bail them out (gee, that sounds kind of collectivist), is getting really tired and increasingly annoying – though if you and your ilk keep treating people as though they’re so stupid as to think the only jobs that would be cut are cops and firemen (frankly, I think most of the teachers in CA SHOULD lose their jobs) it’ll only help get the current regime out of office more quickly. You also like to imply that it’s lack of regulation that got us into the financial mess we’re in as though it had nothing to do with Barney’s mandates that banks make mortgages to people whom, by definition, weren’t likely to be able to repay them – and then compounded the problem by buying and reselling these mortgages as mortgage-backed securities. Frank AND Dodd should have been hounded out of Congress – they make Madoff look like a piker. There’s more regulation on banks and banking than we need: the problem isn’t lack of regulation (as if you didn’t know) it’s that we’ve got morons like Barney & friends WRITING the legislation. BTW, I really would like to hear your definition of Socialist, because if Mr. “collective salvation, there’s a point where you’ve made enough money, we need to tax (i.e. steal) more money from fat cats, and I want to re-distribute wealth” doesn’t fit that mold, I’m wondering about YOUR level of education.