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Mark on O’Reilly: Afghan Strategy

December 29, 2009

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  • G. I. Joe November 7, 2009 11:58 pm

    God Damn Insanity

    Maybe I’m bein’ bitter
    and disrespectful,
    but the dead have to count for somethun,
    more than just gun-fire fodder
    and political flag-waving pollywaddle,

    they were sisters and brothers,
    fathers and mothers,
    that longed to love
    and be loved,

    they laughed and cried,
    and then they died,
    some would say
    for nuthin’,

    but that kinda pain
    leaves a hard stain
    in the long run,
    that will taint the minds of men
    with memories of dirty deeds done,

    for them
    there ain’t no forgettin’,

    in due time,
    in divine way,
    may God damn the insanity
    that made any war so.

  • G. I. Joe October 27, 2009 9:42 am

    Gen. McCrystal was the guy who signed-off on the cover-up of the friendly-fire death of Pat Tillman–I wouldn’t trust McCrystal farther than when his body recoils from three shots center-of-mass

  • MN October 23, 2009 10:26 pm

    Good job holding the line… O’Reilly always has his single, pre-established message, and attempts to use his guests to convey it. He never asks a real question, wanting to know the real answer. So it’s pretty much a waste of time talking to him, except for the name recognition for you. You did as well as any one could — given the agitprop purpose of the host.

  • Col. Blisteronmybutt October 23, 2009 9:19 am

    Grave Markers

    A grave question
    marks the tombs of soldiers,
    whose names are known,
    but not the real purpose
    for which they died,

    can even crosses
    make the sacrifices seem religious
    to the survivors
    who try to make sense
    of the madness,

    or console the soul
    of love that cries
    its grief of betrayal
    in the exploits of man’s inhumanity to man,

    in the identity of what is holy,
    death in war
    is just a vain pity,

    for the bodies we bury
    into the dark hole
    of a black blood-stained history.