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Mark on O’Reilly Discusses Islamic Cultural Center Near Ground Zero

August 13, 2010

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  • albert molina September 8, 2010 5:57 pm

    The only radicals are you idiots and fox news.

  • Robt August 22, 2010 11:27 pm

    During the begining of this Muslim Center debate.

    The question of where the money is comming from was raised as a concern.

    I give you the concern that “Citizens United” will allow hamas money to go toward campaigning for a political candidate. And we have NO right to know where the money came from.

    Already FOX NEWS Corp gave $1 million to Hailey Barbor of the republican Governors Asso. We also know that Prince Alaweed of Saudi Arabia is the 2nd largest share holder of FOX News Corp.

    How is that $1 million from FOX News Corp NOT from Murdoch and Prince Alaweed? An Austrailian and a Saudi Prince are funding American elections?

    I guess if I have no right to know where their money comes from. We have no right to wondr where their money comes from, right.

    And, If I am driving down the road and the police pull me over and want to know where I got my car from (registration etc) they have NO right to know either?

    One other issue, Do you think this Imam that is trying to bridge relations in the middle east would have more bridge building credentials if he started bellowing out condemnations at Isamic factions? Over 9/11 or not?

    Should a popularity contest be done to over ride the constitution? Is that what FOX concerns over?

    I can tell you it is a bad idea for the Governor to offer State land for this relocation of the Muslim Center. We then have Government involved in picking religions. Now if the Governor can assist in finding another empty private sector building. Well thats a bit different.

  • Robt August 22, 2010 11:11 pm


    I hear the concerns and respect them enough to think that getting together the prime principles of each side on this and see if they concerns of both sides can be addressed and each accomedated would be fine.
    You are right about their constitutional right to put it there.

    It is unfair to say that placing this Muslim Center there is TOO CLOSe to “Hollowed Ground”. It was a “Trade Center”. If I wanted to take the far right wings position on this, it would be that the Free Market spoke. I know that is somewhat removed of respect. It is too big a divide between Free Market, Gov’t get out of the way and the polls saying the same folks want Gov’t to stop this Muslim Center from taking place in a building that has been empty for years. O Rielly has enough money if this bothers him and his pals to go out and out bid for this building.

    Rupert Murdoch can do it to gather republican corporate support for elections. Putting their mney where their mouths are.

  • Robt August 21, 2010 4:25 pm

    What is the difference in religious terms of churches that pray for the unborn over abortion and support the killer in their ranks when he murders a doctor or when they use bombs to blow up clinics?

    “this IMAM writes and says one thing in America…in our language, and quite another in the middle east news articles in Arabic “
    Speaking out of both ends sounds more like the republican party if you ask me. Although it is not a disease restricted to one po;otoca; party.

    I submit Hannity’s credential for being a journalist

    And then,

    Why do folks confuse “terrorists” with “Muslims”?

    Are all Christians yearning to burn witches at the stake? Are all Catholic (Christians ) aiming to blow up more Oklahoma Federal buildings?

    Is there not any Ex Con that served his time that overcame and lives a productive law abiding life?

    Are all Christians like Fred Phelps?

    What is this “hollowed ground” of the World Trade Center?
    Why doesn’t anyone demand that the strip joints that are actually closer to Ground zero have to move their business and relocate to somewhere less offensive? Strip joints near the hollowed fround of ground zero, My God!

    There were people (Americans) that practiced Islam and were killed in the 9/11 attack. There were Americans that practiced Islam that helped in the rescue effort of the 9/11 attack.
    But they are threatening and scary to the Christian faith?
    Shouldn’t the focus be on terrorists, No matter what faith?
    Is it, all terrorists are of the Muslim faith so therefore all Muslims are Terrorists?

    As the widely respected and knowledgeable Jon Stewart spoke on this issue, Connecting the dots is important as the comment above states as well.

    Hannity works for FOX News, FOX comments on Islamic stories, Fox’s Rupert Murdoch’s own son is purchasing media outlets in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. (there is no freedom of speech in these countries).
    Then there is the Muslim Saudi Prince Alaweed (a Saudi dictator) that is the LARGEST SHARE HOLDER in FOX News Corp.

    So what does that make Hannity that works for a Saudi Muslim Prince.
    16 of the 19, 9/11 high-jackers were from Saudi Arabia. From the Madrasas that are paid for by this Muslim prince Alaweed of Saudi Arabia who again, is the second largest share holder in FOX News Corp. You watch faithfully FOX News Whos 2nd largest shareholder supports Wahabeism in his own country which are the extreme Islamic type terrorists you should fear. Even though Hannity (FOX in general) completely avoid truth in regards to the connection between Saudi Prince and Muslim Alaweed and his Wahabiest (American hating) support. You listen and obey their every words. You are being subjected to fundamental radical Islam through Wahabe Muslim Saudi Prince Alaweed through FOX through Hannity. Hannity’s paycheck comes from the 2nd largest shareholder in FOX News Corp as well as it comes from Murdoch. That makes Hannity a working mouth piece for American Terrorists now doesn’t it !

    I thought conservatives were for the “Free Market”?
    The owner of the Burlington bldg wants to sell or lease for his profit. Mayor Bloomberg wants a 2 year vacant building occupied and not empty.
    I see no opposition to the Muslim center in free market terms. Which would try to out bid for the building.

    Put your money where your scared mouth is and try to buy the building instead of telling others where and how to spend their money. When it comes to taxes, do you not chant the mantra that its your money and you know how to spend it better. Well it is their money and they know how to spend it better than you.

    You want small Gov’t and you want Gov’t out of our lives. “Gov’t needs to get out of the way”, Isn’t that the republican principal that Hannity and the likes ape every hour on the hour?

    But you want Gov’t to step in and tell someone what to do? Just like you would want Gov’t out of our lives when it comes to Health Care but demand Gov’t to get between a pregnant woman and her doctor.

  • Linda Bailey August 13, 2010 8:55 pm

    Right from the mouth of a FORMER PLO Terrorist, Walid Shoebat, who was on the Sean Hannity radio show today, and who writes extensively about this…. this IMAM writes and says one thing in America…in our language, and quite another in the middle east news articles in Arabic. Walid read some of it today, and said that it’s a well-known fact that Jihadists (of whom he was one, and it’s documented) will tell you one thing to your face and another thing behind your back…they wear it as a badge of intelligence that they’re able to get one over on their enemies. You must not have seen the movie FITNA yet which deals EXTENSIVELY with how they build things RIGHT near where they feel they had a victory. Right after 9/11 everyone called a huge committee and had TELEVISED meetings asking, “How come no one CONNECTED the dots?” Well we have DOTS FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE, and all the “learned elite” are still putting together COMMITTEES to look into things! In the meantime, these imbeciles like Mayor Bloomberg are enabling these people to get deeper into our nation with their desire for Shaira Law, etc. They’re stopping traffic on busy streets in NY because they’re mosque is too full…and now they want to put this in such a busy area? You people in NY get what you guys VOTE for…don’t be asking for committees or meetings to figure out what happened…or how it happened. Those of us who are outside looking in KNOW how it happened…you tried to APPEASE people who won’t denounce terror organizations…and YOU WON’T BOTHER TO RESEARCH WHAT THESE PEOPLE SAY IN ARTICLES IN THE MIDDLE EAST! It’s very frustrating for THINKING people to sit back and watch the sheep being led to the slaughter…..again! OPEN BORDERS….a MOSQUE right downtown? And all it takes as they showed on Hannity & Colmes one night is ONE SUITCASE BOMB to blewey us all to Kingdom come! It would be much cheaper to just FURNISH virgins to these people on a daily basis…for the rest of their lives, than to keep paying out the bucks to clean up their messes! In other words, Mr. Levine….you’re wrong, and you’re too trusting. Reagan said: Trust…but VERIFY! If I were you, I’d take that advice and contact Walid Shoebat…or read his site at “”….he now goes into Jewish synagogues and apologizes for all the hatred he had towards those people. He had his eyes opened, and now he’s so thankful he didn’t blow himself up, as a couple of his cousins were killed. Thank God no one was ever killed by any of his actions. He’s also been on Bill O’Reilly, and many other FOX shows.