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Media Control

August 31, 2003

Media Consolidation: What Happened to Free and Independent Media?
More and more newspapers, television stations, and radio stations are being bought by big conglomerates. Independent media is diminishing at a record pace, and with it, local content and sources of news free from government spin.
As Rupert Murdoch, Clear Channel, and other right-wing media moguls control more and more of our televisions, radio, and newspapers, stations like WAGE that are willing to host independent viewpoints such as my own are becoming rarer and rarer.

Even reporters that don’t have a bias are often lazy, usually relying on the Associated Press, UPI, and Reuters rather than checking the facts with independent investigation.
(This is one reason so few Americans know of Katherine Harris’s illegal removal of more than 50,000 African-American Democrats from the Florida voter rolls just before the 2000 Election, an illegal act that changed history. Now she’s in Congress, Bush is President, and only British and other foreign press have dared to investigate.)
What is the impetus behind media consolidation?
How do the new FCC proposals aid media monopolies and damage independent press?
Why is Great Britain’s press so much freer than our own from government spin?
Why is the mainstream press so reluctant to report stories about Bush’s personal life while obsessively focusing on the Clintons? (For example, why is the public more aware of Clinton’s avoiding Vietnam by going to England than is aware of Bush’s going AWOL from the Texas National Guard?)
Is there any truth to the idea of “liberal bias” in the media?
How about conservative bias?
Is anyone less “fair” and less “balanced” than Fox News?

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