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“Meet Mark Levine” Introduction by Rush Limbaugh

March 9, 2011


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  • AMegill February 4, 2011 5:01 pm

    Robt. You made some really false statements. Straight from the Democratic, propaganda mill. let answer them one at a time!

    First off people can live without the Obama signed health care bill. ANYONE can go to any hospital no matter their ability to pay and they must be treated the same as anyone else. It’ already the law.

    So they had to sign a 2800 page law to make the insurance companies use 85 cents of every dollar. Show me any other private company that has had the govt. tell it how it has to spend it’s money. Is this your kind of Govt. regulation, is this what you think is fair, that the Govt. tells you what you can make as a profit? If they do this than they can do the same with any company. Gee you think it would be better to move a company over seas and just pay the import tax??? How about if they tell you how much you can make?

    In answer to your “they can keep the insurance they have statement” In fact, under the House bill, some employers might have to modify if they don’t meet minimum benefits standards. Furthermore, some firms are likely to buy different coverage for their workers than they have now, or simply drop coverage and pay a penalty instead, leaving workers to buy their own private coverage or go on a new federal insurance plan. These 2 facts are from FACT CHECK.

    The fact that these Insurance companies would do the same as they now do with auto insurance never figures into the Liberal/democratic brain. You have a minimum set of standards required for what ever state you live in and the insurance company has to offer that minimum no matter what state they are based in. Then you have a true competition. If my auto insurance company is based in Az they they still have to comply with NC insurance laws. Gee is that so hard to understand. Even the oh so smart people like Ezra Klein can’t figure it out. They want the Govt. to regulate everything but can’t figure out how to stop an indusrty from doing the same as the creditcard companies. But they like you can say it will not help. The healthcare bill already has minimum standards in it will that not regulate what they can and can’t offer??? Your long reasoning as to what they will do is worthless and the same one used by MSNBC. Can’t fool them they know all the real stuff.

    Read this from the Gov. of Texas

    The Healthcare law WILL be under the CONTROL of the HHS and the IRS!! Read it. If you regulate something you control it.

    “The insurance companies make their money from deniying”. Really show me the proof. I thought it was from the premiums. Again straight from the liberal media. And again can be controlled through minimum coverage

    What bankruptcies? The ones that Obama qouted in his first SOTU message, that none of his advisors could provide facts for? And one of them actualy had the nerve to say on camera that it didn’t matter, they didn’t need facts, Why would anyone go bankrupt when all hospitals will give free care and 99% write off charges they can’t collect. It’s a fact I had some very high hosp. bills about 15 years ago. They were all paid off in time, but the Hospital after trying to collect turned them to bill collectors and finally just wrote them off. It raised hell with any credit reports. But that also has righted itself. But you see facts like that don’t fit what the Dems. are trying to sell.

    “One day after voting to repeal President Barack Obama’s landmark expansion of health insurance coverage, House Republicans are going to work to replace it. The House voted Thursday on a measure that directs four committees — Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Education and Workforce, and Judiciary — to work out the Republican vision for health care”. This is from the Washington Post. Again like the rest of your lines of thought it can’t be so, because the Dems say so.

    Did you watch any of the healthcare workings on CSPAN at all? How about the infamous Obama health summit. When he basically told McCain we won sit down and shut up unless you have something good to say about my ideas. Did you watch any of the committee meatings when every amendment put forth by theRepublicians, was voted down or refused to be voted on? Where did the final bill orginate? Behind closed doors with NO Republicians invited. Then what happened? Was it debated? were any Republician amendments allowed? Was it even brought up for a debate in the Senate? Don’t give me the same old Pelosi/Reid crap about the GOP didn’ want to do anything to help. The Dems. shut them out.

    They could have fixed the donut hole without the rest of the bill. They took away the Medicare advantage for many seniors who were paying for it.

    You care for results. Is your Union care one of the ones that has gotten the waiver so you don’t have to be under the Affordable Healthcare Act? If so you don’t care about the cost to others or any jobs it may cost, as it doesn’t affect you. The President took care of his donations.

    Whats wrong with a Co-op? My power company is a Co-op and they have cheaper rates then non Co-ops. They also send a diviidend check every year. Because everyone who has them is a member. So if the Co-op makes it easier and cheaper to get health insurance whats the problem, other then the fact “Your Republician” Congressman made the statement?

    You asked me before what I expected from these new Congressmen and Senators. And I told you, they are not the same old, same old. They have a different plan. They will replace the healthcare bill. And with the parts you say you like. They have been given that job and told do it or you will be replaced next election. That is what the Tea Party and the last election was about. You voted for Obama because he promised change. did you get it?

    Do you have a Union penison plan? If it is funded in part by the stock market, in other words Wall Street. Do you think it just sits in a drawer somewhere and grows? If you have a 401K that also is funded by Wall Street. Most of the 401Ks that lost money due to Wall Street have recoverd because of Wall Street. So you Democratic qoute of We can’t privatize SS fails to hold water.
    One of the biggest reasons for not wanting it privatized is they would no longer be able to rob it of funds to pay for other things, as they have in the past. They could not decide to take the money like Obama did to “Pay” for part of the healthcare bill bill.

    Would it be shoving it down your throat if it was, when written, posted for 72 hours for everyone to read, given open debate on the House floor. Voted and passed by the normal Congressional vote requirement. And the same done in the Senate. What about if the committees are shown on CSPAN for all to see? How about if the Congress listen to their constituents? Because if these things happen it would probably be a true Non-Partision bill.As the Dems still control the Senate.

    Yeah so the Govt. made you pay for things you didn’t want. so write your Senator and Congressman and complain about. Don’t whine and try to make it the same as the healthcare. These things were done through the budget of the military, not by passing a law.

    So whats your point about the draft etc. I already was part of that era. Got my draft notice 3 days after I enlisted in the Air Force. Went to Vietnam did 2 tours and spent the rest of my 4 years in the UK. So again whats your point? You don’t believe we should fight for our country. You believe that all those who were drafted during WW2 died for no reason, Korea, all war? What? So we should do what wait until they bomb Chicago to fight back? The way Obama is handling things that might be the way it will happen.

    What was derogitory? Asking you what you were smoking? You keep bring up your so called facts about Medicare part D, what the Repubs. did in the past , and other things about how they will not do this or that. But yet you state as fact, because Obama said so, that the Affordable Healthcare Act will do everything it says it will and pay for itself etc. And I simply ask show me what part of the Govt. health syatem has done those things in the past and I don’t care who passed them into law.

    If you don’t want to come off as a liberal stop only using their facts, and qoutes. I’m not looking to elevate anyone I am stating things as found on all the media.

    Oh I have a private insurance health insurance through my wifes job don’t use Medicare. So no I’m not using your money.

    Hope your surgery goes well.