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Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2004

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The First Amendment prohibits government both from “establishing religion” and from “preventing the free exercise thereof.”
What is the proper balance for government between respecting the wishes of
the majority of Americans who are Christians and respecting the minority of citizens who are not Christian but are guaranteed freedom of religion under our Constitution?
Is the proper greeting “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings”?
Do you ever resent it when one greeting is used but not another?
How do you feel about Government-sponsored nativity scenes, Menorahs, Christmas trees, and Santa Clauses?
How do you feel about prayer in public school? Teacher-sponsored, student-led, or after school? “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance?
What of Christmas music and pageantry in public schools? In the shopping malls? Does the commercialization of Christmas downgrade its religious meaning?
And what do you think of the nine-year-old boy in Plano, Texas who sued in order to provide to all his fellow students candy canes (shaped like a “J” for Jesus, he says), along with a note stating his belief that “Christ died for our sins”? If you support his lawsuit, would it bother you if he were Hari Krishna? Wahabi Muslim? Athiest? Satanist? Scientologist? Should children of these religions also be allowed to distribute materials in our schools?
What is the proper balance here?
PLUS a shocking INSIDE SCOOP: Are Jerry Falwell, Bob Dole, and George Bush Sr. anti-Christian? Reporter John Gorenfeld will update us on Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s “Tear Down the Cross Campaign” and the surprising support of the fanatical Messiah-claimant Rev. Moon by President Bush and Members of Congress.
Former President George H.W. Bush said of the Moonies: “Your theme is right on target � faith, family, freedom and peace centered on God.” Bush Senior also pocketed millions of Moonie dollars. For more on this breaking story, click here

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  • Merry Christmas May 14, 2005 8:19 am

    A Promise of Light
    A promise of light in the dark of night,
    a perk of glee on the tip of a heartbeat,
    a glowing of knowing the love that abounds
    around that corner and beyond the beyond.
    Take heed,
    see the scope of this permeating feeling
    the force and power,
    and yet,
    the gentle relieving.
    The love of Christmas is a gift to all,
    a living expression of Christ’s love
    born through Calvary’s heavy toll,
    A legacy of love that builds,
    changes expression,
    a bond for humanity to cling to,
    to sing to…
    So pay homage to the One
    by paying homage to us all,
    Merry Christmas to the Earth
    and all its creatures big and small!

  • Vicky December 29, 2004 11:03 pm

    The air is full of farewells to the dying,
    And mournings for the dead;
    The heart of Rachel, for her children crying,
    Will not be comforted!
    Let us be patient! These severe afflictions
    Not from the ground arise,
    But oftentimes celestial benedictions
    Assume this dark disguise.
    We see but dimly through the mists and vapors;
    Amid these earthly damps
    What seem to us but sad, funereal tapers
    May be heaven’s distant lamps.
    There is no Death! What seems so is transition;
    This life of mortal breath
    Is but a suburb of the life elysian,
    Whose portal we call Death.
    She is not dead,–the child of our affection,–
    But gone unto that school
    Where she no longer needs our poor protection,
    And Christ himself doth rule.
    And though at times impetuous with emotion
    And anguish long suppressed,
    The swelling heart heaves moaning like the ocean,
    That cannot be at rest,–
    We will be patient, and assuage the feeling
    We may not wholly stay;
    By silence sanctifying, not concealing,
    The grief that must have way.
    H. W. Longfellow

  • Vicky December 29, 2004 10:30 pm

    Dr. Freud,
    “Look, then, into thine heart, and write!
    Yes, into Life’s deep stream!
    All forms of sorrow and delight,
    All solemn Voices of the Night,
    That can soothe thee, or affright,-
    Be these henceforth thy theme.”
    ~ HWLongfellow