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Miscellaneous Comments 4/21/07

April 21, 2007

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  • Hacker Penguin April 22, 2007 9:20 am

    Well, the thing about that is…you’re an idiot with too much time on your hands

  • Dave G April 21, 2007 4:22 pm

    I have just sent the following to my Calif Senators.
    I have just received another call from Progressive Financial Services Ink. I get the feeling that they are aware that they are attempting to collect on two fraudulent loans and have been given some special inducement’s to pursue this anyway. Much of the evidence is already before them. 1) The amount of the original loans totaled some eight or nine thousand dollars. 2) Some nineteen years of interest has been added to that. 3) City Bank, and accordingly Progressive Financial, claim that I made no payments on either of these loans and indeed no records of any payments exist I’m told. 4) Still, with thousands of dollars in cumulative interest applied the total balance of all this is $5929 which is substantially less than the amounts borrowed, and so I ask; how could that possibly be.
    I am still awaiting records from Franklin Fund but from my conversations with them, their records should be most helpful. They will show at least one loan of some $2,500 (not with City Bank) to have been paid off promptly and in full. Again I will ask; why would anyone promptly pay off one loan and ignore two others. Again, how do we arrive at a substantially smaller amount now owed with years of interest incurred and with the claim of no payments having been made and if payments were made, why no records of same.
    The Franklyn Fund should provide us more clear evidence but I believe the statements and logic provided here and in a prior message should be view as real and conclusive on their own. City Bank made an unthinkable mistake or they attempted a fraud. They attempted to collect from the government on loans that had already been paid by me. I believe that some at Progressive understand all this. They must wonder, among many other things, why these loans have just been presented to them after all these years.
    I am much aware that I have enemies in government and I can only wonder what inducements have been offered to Progressive to vigorously pursue this fraudulent harassment at this time. I believe they will find it to be most ill-advised, however.
    If your office can inquire into this matter on my behalf it will be much appreciated.
    Dave G – (Full name & Ph#.)

  • Robt April 20, 2007 1:45 pm

    Do you happen to know where all the complaints of the 8 DOJ prosecuters originated from. Exactly. As who raised what complaints to who and why the DOJ would listen to these people over the prosecuters performance.
    I keep hearing there were complaints made. But never by whom and why they specifically complained and to who they complained to. Except Sen Deminici making complaints to Karl Rove.
    I mean unnamed sources complains of the prosecutors and the DOJ acts on hearsay to find anything that can only end in the prosecutors removal.
    If I was going to court on some crimes. Could I complain to the DOJ and have the prosecutor and even the judge removed? Who do I call? I want to keep their phone number in my wallet in case.