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Defending Unions

September 7, 2010

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  • Alan September 27, 2010 3:19 pm

    Mark from what I see you and you friend sitting to your left know little or nothing about what the Unions do NOW. 30-40 years they were needed, they did their job and are now mostly not needed. You stated that they make sure the employee get raises. Well great the the product becomes more expensive and nullifys the raise. What except the cost of WAGES has raised the cost of a loaf of bread. Everything in that loaf costs more because some worker wanted more money to keep up with what some other person is making. The loaf is not made from better ingredients, it’s not bigger in most cases it’s smaller.
    You state about the high wages of the CEO of any company. How about the large wages of the UNION Exectutives.How about all the Union Reps. How about the high retirement wages of union employees. I just had a talk on a Newsvine discussion with a person who bragged about the fact he was making $90K a year from GM and never had to pay in a penny.(Line worker). You wonder about why the car co’s are so in debt?
    Fact about the Union thinking. 1981 Ford Motor Co. plant Mahwah had the lowest quailty control of all Ford plants. The President spoke to ALL the employees and told them they had 1 year to improve. After they left the UNION leaders said that was BS and nothing would change. so they went along with the leaders and 1 year later Ford closed the doors. The leaders went on to other plants and the hourly workers went on unemployment. Do you want me to list how many trucking companies have gone out of business because of union demands. I worked for 4.
    How about union protection? I saw many real worker greivences sold out to keep workers who were repeat drunks on the job. Also to keep thieves on the job.
    The Union worker has no say as to how his dues are spent. The President wants to fund someone for office and the members don’t agree, to bad. They don’t have a say.
    My wife works for a medium size company and her boss told the workers that it is hard to find good employees and harder to replace them after they learn the job. Most employers know this and if they have any pride in their business they follow that rule. They are asked to give a days work and be responsible. Workers know they do their job and they will get compensated for it. Unions don’t have to do that, the workers follow the contract to the letter. They don’t have to be responsible. The most used sentence in the UAW ” Thats not my job.” How many Union executives have been jailed for stealing pension funds and other crimes against the people they represent. Again you want me to list them and I’ll be kind I’ll only do those from NJ. Are they any different then the CEO’s you seem to hate? Oh wait most of those CEO’s work for a PRIVATELY owned Company. Who the hell are you or the President to tell any private person what is right or wrong about paying their employees. If you don’t like it don’t use their service. don’t buy their product. And don’t bail them out with my money. You say we had to bail out Wall St.and other economists say we did not. You can’t say what would have happened, because we bailed them out.
    Explain one other thing to me. You support the repeal of the Bush tax cuts. How is taking money from the Company my wife works for going to help her keep a job. They have already slashed costs. Laid off people. Stopped wage increases, and raised her part of the health care benefits. Don’t give me the lie about Obama care helping us because as it stands now If and thats a big IF they don’t drop the benefit and just pay the fine, we will have to pay taxes on our plan as a “Cadillac Plan” because between her and the co. it will cost over $23k. Yet the unions will not be taxed and they pay nothing for their plans.
    Mark you like Obama are so out of touch with the real world. Go talk to those union workers who had ” Guaranteed Jobs” that are on the unemployement roles. Go talk to some one who’s company was turned down for a contract because they were non-union, not because they couldn’t do the job. Do I sound bitter? Yes I am been on both sides of this issue. Union member for 16 years. do not get a penny in pension from them after paying in all those dues.(Reason? Union locals have different plans, not all national) As I said I worked for many different good trucking companies that the unions ran out of business with demands.
    I finally got smart and went to work for people who cared more about their business and paid accordingly. I didn’t care what the owner made as long as he took care of me. Guess what I made as good wages, drove BETTER equipment, and although I had to pay for part of them my benefits were just as good. My 401k was there when I retired not in some union presidents pocket.
    Be a man Mark quit spouting the Union lie’s and out of date reasons for them still being in business. This is 2010 not 1950