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Nader: Republican Tool

August 11, 2004

(archived broadcast )
The Bush-Nader Pact
Special Guest: former Congressman and Texas Supreme Court Justice Bob Gammage
Just as Bush cannot get elected without Nader’s help, Nader cannot get on the ballot without Republican signatures, money, and organzation.
We know why the Republicans are pushing Nader, but why is Nader again acting as the Republican stooge?

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  • Skip August 11, 2004 4:47 pm

    Welcome to corporate whoredom, Ralph.

  • RikAtomika August 11, 2004 4:15 pm

    Sorry or sounding so angry, but I had just got done reading a editorial piece by Nader whining about the Democrats. Since he started taking money from republicans I haven’t heard him say to much about the bad things Bush is doing to the country.

  • RikAtomika August 11, 2004 4:04 pm

    Yeah I agree with who ever said Nader should’ve run as a Democrat, he would’ve done some real good even if he didn’t get the nomination. Nader is a sell out, it’s sad to see a good man fall. Maybe the Republicans kidnapped his family and are holding them hostage? 😉

  • RikAtomika August 11, 2004 3:51 pm

    Nader is a tool or the Republicans, a monkey wrench. People who vote for Nader are purists. George Bush is a purist. Purists don’t understand compromise. Nader has an ego problem, and has delusions of grandure. Nader and Naderites are short sited and selfish. They’d happily let the world burn as long as the voted they’re “Conscience”. I guess is doesn’t bother their conscience by helping elect an evil and destructive adminstration. The Nadarites better go take a long hot shower to get off the putrid stench after getting into bed with Bush.