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Loose Nukes, the GOP Attack on "Nice" & Tea Party Battle

April 14, 2010

Mark Hosts the Leslie Marshall Show
Obama Stops Nuclear Proliferation
Right-Winger Tom Coburn Becomes Too Nice for Republicans
& Battle with a Tea Partier

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  • Pete Reeves May 4, 2010 8:48 am

    I was not going to comment on anything you say or wrote but you or any neo-progressive talking about “shame” is mind-numbing. How many babies in the tummy were aborted and killed AND that you supported these killings? And that you support “harvesting” these human beings (at their earliest points in LIFE! Cause they ARE alive, Eienstein!!) You support getting that “Stem Cell” so Michael J. Fox, other Hollywood elite and millionaires might get afew extra years here on earth.
    What’s more important, Right to Life, or Right to Privacy? Mind you that there would be NO privacy if you don’t have your Life. The Right to Life is foremost the most important Right. But anyway, a neo-progressive can step on or physically take away a Right, and with these youngest Americans that’s what you’ve done. “Ah, the heck with them! Throw them overboard!” We used to save the kids! Now these killings of life are ALL FOR (convenience sake.)
    Really, no more “shame” talk. You have no standing, and so much gall.
    Pete Reeves Altoona, PA

  • Robt April 23, 2010 4:23 pm

    If T-Partiers are such strict constitutionalists, why do they adore Newt Gingrich and give him a platform at their rallies/conventions?
    It was just a few years back when Newt gave a speech calling for the suspension of the First Amendent (free speech).
    one such reference linked here;
    I also find every Tea Party person has there own sepearte view of what the Tea Party is about.
    Some TP’s have a rally at a “Public” park carrying their weapons decrying the Gov’t is coming for your guns?
    There has been some that say President Obama is going to “Ban fishing in America”.
    Everybody, go out and buy all the rods, reels, night crawlers you can. Stock up before these constitutional rights to fish are confiscated from us !
    “You can have my fishing pole when you can pry it out of my passed out drunken hands”?
    Tea Partiers have every right to be angry. They just are pointing their anger at the wrong place.
    They are angry with the TARP. They think they are the only ones angry? The problem is they blame President Obama when they haven’t been able to admit their guy President Bush. The one they said for 8 uears was a gift from God. They blame Obama for bailing out GM. But it was in fact Bush who set bailout funds aside for GM before he left office. Obama had to manage the funds.
    Until they can accept they voted in such a republican adventure that has led this country down the wabbit hole and did not hold their republican party’s feet to the fie during their majority. That their republican party did not listen to them, instead they listened to lobbyusts, James Dobson, Jack Abromff, and the wealthiest 1% of America and no one else mattered. They can not overcome their governing leaders recklessness.
    Instead of looking at how many(not all) corrupt corporations stole with legal blessings of a republican led congress at the expense of the rest of us. No matter how much they hate Al Gore, When they ignore the SCOTUS intervening and interfering and choosing a U.S. President and how it is more tyranical than they like to admit because Bush was their guy.
    When they protest about paying higher taxes when in fact their taxes have been cut. Credibility is still none existant.
    Other Tea Patiers like to use the term, “I don’t believe” in so much of what they say they think it resolves them from speaking a truth.
    Example is , ” I don’t believe Obama is a naturally born U.S. citizen because Obama hasn’t produced his bith certificate to me personally”.
    Still other T-Partiers will go further saying, ” I don’t believe Hawaii is one of the states of the United States”.
    It appears to me TP’ers are just the republican base that are upset and ashamed of their republican party but will not admit any fault and therefore cannot resolve their failures to be able to correct themselves (or don’t care to) to redeem themselves to the general American voters.
    There is much more to this but I will say, anyone that places a NAZI sign and places it in their baby’s stroller during a protest is beyond reasonably sane to converse with let alone take seriously in American plitical discourse.