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Oil: The Greatest Danger to Our National and Economic Security

June 12, 2007

As the Iraqi War Continues longer than World War II with no prospect for “victory” in sight…
As Iran and Syria rise up to take over the ruins of our Iraq policy (and threaten the world in ways unimaginable under Saddam Hussein)…
As Global Warming goes from unthinkable to undeniable…
As our debt rises and rises while the middle class sinks and sinks…
Perhaps we should seriously consider Al Gore’s proposal to replace the payroll tax with a carbon tax.

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  • The truth of 911 now belongs to the Laws of Cause and Effect December 1, 2006 9:31 am

    Sean–as the rebus of reality keeps rolling–keep your eyes on the prize of truth–and be committed to not being fooled again
    Have faith in the order of the Universe to sort the traitors out in time and/or timelessness

  • Sean November 30, 2006 2:56 pm

    911 Truth will override all other debates. Put this issue on the table and get real! Every single thing that our nation is doing right now that people hate is based on the lie of 911.
    Answer these questions:
    – What brought down building 7 on 911?
    – Why has there been no investigation of 911?
    (political body is not an investigative body)
    – Why would anyone object to investigating the events of 911?
    911 is the single source of every single one of these issues:
    – Iraq
    – Budget
    – Corruption
    – loss of liberties
    – abuse of power
    When will people get real about this issue? When will Americans get the courage to even look at 911? Are we as Americans so pathetic that we can’t even admit when we have been fooled?
    – They fooled us on the Iraq war justification…
    – They fooled us on the need to strip our liberties…
    – They fooled us on the need to grab power…
    – They fooled us on our elections…
    – Why would we now trust them on the official account of 911?