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Let’s Take the “Islamic” Out of “Islamic Extremism”

April 12, 2010

Mark was on FOX News this morning to defend Obama’s toning down of anti-Islamic rhetoric in our national security policy.

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  • Alan April 29, 2010 1:32 pm

    Mark you contradict yourself As you say we were at war against Nazism, commiunism and now Islamic Extremism. They are all ways of thinking ways of acting and ways of life. We are not at war against a people we are at war against a way of SOME peoples thinking and their acts because of that thinking. If the non extremeists want to show that they are just that they should be the first ones to fight against this enemy. But many of them don’t they know whats going on in their Mosques and do nothing. You have seen it in Iraq they will not turn in the Al Quaeda and cry when they are cause death and injury in their own villages. You call an enemy what ever it is. when we faufgt the Japanize when called them that because we faught a country. All the way back to the British. But you want us to call them nice names. Oh and by the way we never fought the Russians. They were our quasi Allies