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One Last Look at Vietnam

October 21, 2004

(archived broadcast )
New Evidence on Vietnam: Bush was Unfit for Service
Nightline Proves Swifties are Lying

New Bush National Guard records have been released. After the President’s flacks have four times said all the documents had been released, lo and behold, they found some more. And the new evidence suggests that, honorable discharge or no, Bush was removed from the National Guard because he failed “to possess the required military qualifications for his grade or specialty, or does not meet the mental, moral, professional or physical standards of the Air Force.”
This amazing evidence is painstakingly documented here:
My guest, Russ Baker of The Nation Magazine, has researched the issue and confirmed what I have said in the past: Bush’s substance abuse, combined with a “fear of flying” led to his grounding in 1972.
Meanwhile, as we know, John Kerry was fighting in Vietnam. In order to figure out whether the Swift Boat Veterans for Bush were telling the truth, ABC’s Nightline did an incredible investigation where it interviewed Vietnamese eyewitnesses to the events in question. I’ll report on that investigation and you’ll hear the contentious exchange between Ted Koppel and John O’Neill, the veteran personally chosen by Richard Nixon to discredit John Kerry and author of the anti-Kerry screed, “Unfit for Command.”

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  • 464 October 25, 2004 9:17 am

    Tour of Duty
    Eleven months,
    seem like eleven years
    of feeling the intensity
    of living dangerously.
    The memories become clouded,
    over time.
    Truth mixes with illusion,
    yet naked meaning remains,
    in sights, sounds, and smells,
    reminders of that rite of passage,
    so many years ago,
    that seem like,
    months, ago.

  • Ghandi Smith October 23, 2004 9:29 am

    Fred, is it my imagination, or are you a disenfranchised soul? Fear not, you are a Son of God and have an inheritance greater than that of angels.