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Our Benevolent Dictator: Bush Hates Our Constitution

May 19, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Who needs “checks and balances” when our President and the country he leads always do the right thing?
On today’s INSIDE SCOOP, we discuss an Administration that is actually starting to believe its own lies…

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  • Gordon May 19, 2004 6:22 pm

    The Fall of Rome
    The government knew they had us,
    when they could keep the herb illegal,
    although we knew it was medicine.
    The government knew they had us,
    when they could sell us the Super Bowl as something more than a football game,
    although we knew it was just a football game.
    The government knew they had us,
    when they sold us the war, wrapped in a red, white, and blue bow.
    although we knew the Domino Theory was bullshit.
    The government knew they had us,
    when the Warren Commission sold us Lee Harvey Oswald, instead of the coup d’etat,
    although they insulted our intelligence.
    The government knew they had us,
    when they could hide their military budget and use it for, whatever,
    and ask for more, whenever.
    The government knew they had us,
    when they could send their cowboys out to tame the world and just create more terror.
    And so we come to our dilemma,
    to watch TV as the world burns,
    to eat TV dinners and get fat on fast food and watch our children get fat,
    and watch our children come back in body bags from all parts of the world,
    and also die in our streets.
    Oh, Government of the Eagle, once proud carrier of the torch,
    where have your powers gone?
    Your power was with the people,
    and your power went away,
    when the people knew you had them.

  • RM NYC May 19, 2004 3:57 pm

    I, of course agree with the way you have described the issue but wish more politicians would also take notice of the elephant in the middle of the room. Why haven’t our elected politicians listened to the chorus of intelligent, well read and informed people, public and private that have said the emperor has no clothes? Scholars from Bill Clinton to Molly Ivans to the eloquent Mark Levine have put the finest point on the political debate. There is no need for hyperbole to marginalize Bush. The truth is horrible enough! Tell it like it is Kerry. Please, the truth will win this thing for us.
    Thanks Mark for your good work,
    RM NYC