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Outrage Fatigue

April 12, 2017

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Mark is joined by callers as he discusses how ‘outrage fatigue’ is a real risk with the Trump administration in power, and what people can do to fight it.
(Image Credit: Pioneer Press/Nick Woltman)

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  • John Selfridge April 12, 2017 4:02 pm

    Hi Mark,
    Welcome back to the airwaves! Although I appreciate your reminding us “to keep at it” and not get “outrage fatigue,” I really don’t see this as a real concern. The outrage has–obviously, for very good reasons–only intensified since last November, and I see no sign of it peaking. Moreover, each day’s new revelation is more outrageous than the last one, so no limit seems in sight. The short-term risk is, rather, in the fact that the media is so easily distracted by shiny objects. Thankfully, Trump can’t bomb a country every week in the hope of controlling a few news cycles–or can he?
    Thanks for what you do.