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Post-Election Wednesday

November 10, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Mark discusses with Tom Robins, State Chairman of the Utah College Republican National Committee how to bridge the Red State/Blue State divide.
NOTE: Due to technical difficulties with the Internet streaming of the first ten minutes of this particular broadcast, the archive is missing the very beginning of the broadcast, but the latter 50 minutes remain.

The District of Columbia voted 90% for Kerry to 9% for Bush.
Utah voted 71% for Bush to 27% for Kerry.
From the bluest of the blue to the reddest of the red, call in to join in the discussion.
Note to all who are asking me to look into voting irregularities in the 2004 Election. I am looking into them and have repeatedly requested an interview with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. I will definitely have a show on this, with or without the interview, but I wanted to give the officials a fair chance to respond.

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  • Dr. Freud November 17, 2004 6:16 pm

    Now, Summer I told Guess to stick his religion up his ass to protect it from the light and from dissipating away in light’s presence–because I accuse it of being blasphemy–Christ consciousness is not namby-pamby–to identify and dispatch evil is not a contradiction to love.

  • Vicky November 16, 2004 9:04 pm

    I’m just catching up on some of these broadcasts. Going down through and reading what some of you have written I’m going to comment on things that jump out at me, strike a chord or what ever.
    Dr. Freud – As sad as it is, it’s true what you’ve said about the American instituion of marriage. You’ve got some pretty radical thinking but it just might work too.
    Your “Brotherly Love” poem is simply beautiful.
    Jennie – I, too, am wondering where you came up with this 70% of Bush voters believing that Sept 11 and Iraq are connected. That has got to be a very falsely inflated figure or you misunderstood.
    Skip – President Bush does NOT think he is infallible. God IS infallible but the President does NOT put himself in the same position as God, nor does the majority of Conservatives look at them as one and the same. That is just out and out exaggeration.
    G.I. Joe – Your message to the Vets – I printed it out for my husband who is a Nam Vet. It, too, is very touching and powerful.

  • Summer November 13, 2004 9:04 pm

    Dr. Freud, I like your thoughts on the divorce rate, the institution of marriage and the idea of boot camp – that should come before the marriage however….just might prevent a lot of marriages happening to begin with. You’ve got yourself a good wit although you are a bit caustic at times -you are also clever and amusing.
    But shame on you Dr. you tell Guess to promote Christ consciousness and then tell him to stick it up his ass. What a contradiction.
    Jennie – Where did you get that ridiculous 70% figure that Bush supporters believe that 911 and Iraq are connected. What a bunch of BS. You just pull that figure out of the air or did you hear it and repeat it.
    Such a diverse bunch we humans are; certainly makes this world interesting.