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Poverty and Race in the Wake of Katrina: Problems and Solutions

September 27, 2005

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Guest: Fellow TalkStar Radio Host Jim Greenfield, whose show precedes mine.
I will be on Jim’s show. Then he will be on mine.

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  • Mark Levine September 30, 2005 1:31 am

    No hypocrisy in the least. Robert is dead on right.
    I firmly believe in the separation of Church and State. That means I can have my religious beliefs and tell everyone about them freely and at the same time, I don’t want the GOVERNMENT to choose my religion for me or prefer a religion or tell me when or how to pray.
    When you have a separation of Church and State, it is the individual CHURCH that is most free! It is the individual right of every American to believe whatever he or she wants to! That is the America I cherish.
    The problem, as I see it, with some Christian fundamentalists is they don’t want freedom of religion at all. They want theocracy. They want the Government to inculcate religion in its citizens. In a theocracy, the Church is NOT free. You are forced (or at least encouraged) to accept religious direction from the State.
    I see little difference between the Christians in this country who promote theocracy and those in the Taliban. There’s a strong difference in degree, to be sure, but not in kind.
    Do you support a theocracy, Vicky, where the Government picks and chooses the proper religion for its citizens? How about a “mini” theocracy where the Government just “encourages” religious belief? Or do you think people should be free to choose their religion or non-religion on their own without government interference of any kind?
    I strongly prefer the last. I don’t ever want to “vote” on the national religion.

  • Robt September 30, 2005 12:12 am

    I believe the difference in what Mark stated is that any of us can have our beleifs. Yet we all risk losing that right when we have our government first, endorse “a” religion, then force one. If the day comes where Muslims are the majority, “one nation under allah” doesn’t appleal to me. Think about this, With the multitudes of illeagal immigration from Mexico alone. Alot of catholic mexicans are already here and Christians may not be the majority much longer, let alone under an actual count may be a minority now.

  • Vicky September 29, 2005 9:47 pm

    Mark – I am just listening to this debate and I have to question you on your willingness to use Biblical injunctions to suit your politics when it ties in with what you claim to believe – but yet on issues such as The Pledge you resist being forced to “praying” to a particular God (who happens to be the same God of the same Bible where you are taking your other principles).
    You don’t see the hypocrisy in this?

  • GREENFIELD--read this blog on air--MOTHAFUCKA September 29, 2005 9:29 am

    Well Cynthia–30-70 A-Bombs in the hands of Islamo-Fascist suicide-attackers in the U.S.? What are they waiting for–Ramadan? Or do they just want a couple more days at the Ramada Inn?
    Get a geiger counter–I’ll get this Williams Ex-FBI–Doctor of Phoniness away from his book-signings and drag Greenfield’s sorry ass out his studio–and we’ll all go A-Bomb hunting–we may not find any A-Bombs–but maybe you’ll feel better–I know I will
    All the terrorists really need are ten dirty bombs–and three of those to work–to create chaos–personally I don’t believe the magnitude of your alleged threat–because Al Qaeda terrorists have an SOP of using just what they need–and over-kill leaves loose ends
    Greenfield’s idea of deporting all Islamic males here on green cards to address this immediate alleged threat of Williams is after-the-fact and ineffectual–if the threat is true
    The only defense is to find these devices–that’s why my purpose now is to corral you, Williams, and Greenfield and personally back you up on a search-and-destroy mission to find these nuclear bombs that are currently in the U.S.–(Can there be any other true patriotic pursuit, now?)
    We can either find the devices, satisfy our yang impulses, greet our maker, or find out Williams is EX-FBI for a reason (perhaps he is a wild- fear-monger shouting nuclear holocaust in a crowded theater in order to sell books and satisfy a political agenda)
    It will also be fun to use Greenfield’s head as a battering ram to knock down doors in Dearborn, MI–that way he can live his fear of the American-Islamic population–in the moment (Greenfield certainly doesn’t use his head for anything much more constructive in offering compassion to the human dillemma)

  • Robt September 29, 2005 3:25 am

    You may be right of Jim on the radcon payroll. Or it is possible he wants to go with Delay on those golfing trips to Ireland paid for by Abramof. Be in the elites club. There is another talk show person. Jerry Doyle who tries to convince Democrats to register independent & says he is. But in his show he proclaims that he once ran for congress as a republican. He calls that “an accomplishment”. And he nips the Dems every chance while defending the worst republican foul up. Sadly he cannot help himself.
    Question with Jim Greenfield is if he really believes what he espouses on the radio vs in private. Mark may know Jim better to answer that question. Mark Did get Jim to agree for the childcare that helped welfare mothers go to work. So there may be some hope for Jim. I won’t hold my breath on it though. Jim should know that he is more of the problem than the solution!!!!!!
    I wonder why Cynthia wants to give Delay a complete pass. The money launder trial is there. There is enough coincidence (like the Peterson case) that add up to Delay. Is there hard evidence that will sway a jury???
    Using Cynthia’s thinking, ” I would think we never should of wasted time going after Enron Execs”, after all we are in a war in Iraq. She doesn’t seem to realize that the U.S.A. has always had enemies? Not to make light of any threats. You think Cynthia called any of the republican controlling party in Washington to tell them what she told us, or did she go out and complain about what DEms are and aren’t doing??????? I really would of enjoyed calling the show when Mark & Jim were at it. My work doesn’t agree with it. Good hearing from you Dave………..
    By the way, Delay is out on the attack over his indictment. Delay is using his position to belittle the little people that indict him. Time will tell if Delay does the Rush Limgaugh and checks in to a money laundering rehab Program when it gets close………………….