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McCain Loses the Town Hall Debate to Our Next President Barack Obama

October 8, 2008

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  • Robt October 8, 2008 4:29 am

    “That one” Set up McCain for a full right hook.
    “That one” started out with, Sen. McCain thinks I’m a little green behind the ears. (McCain blurts out, “Thank you”). OBama goes on on a tear list of McCain singing, Bomb-Bomb bomb Iran. That McCain said after going in to Afgansistan, “Bagdad’s Next”.
    That was a winning counter to McCain’s constant attacking.
    Looks like Palin had to come to Omaha to try and rally the Red meat base to prevent a electorial vote of the 5 electorials Nebraska has (that does not go winner take all). To attempt to refute the embarrassment that McCain may not take all 5 electorials out of the Red State of Nebraska that is Cheney’s personal ATM. There is a push even by the Obama Campaign that opened a second campaign office in Nebraska. This onw in Omaha. And it is fighting for at least the one electorial if not more.
    What is is llike in your state?