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President Obama's First Week

January 27, 2009

Mark debates Republican strategist Mike Lane on President Obama’s first week on the job.

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  • ken houser February 6, 2009 8:58 pm

    I am not a fan of Rush but I am a conservative who has worked hard all my life, saved what I could and now have a nice home only to see our government going to change the country into a place where you believe in hope. I have never accomplished one thing with hope. I took the initiative and took on extra jobvs to make sure I had the essential things I needed. Now President O’Bama wants to give my tax money to people who want handouts and bailouts. I am 70 yrfs. old and now because of people like Barney Frank, Cris Dodd, and yes George Bush I am working two part time jobs. All these politicians should be penalized. But we take people who don’t pay their taxes and give them cabinet positions, SWELL.
    Then you want me to have faith in our government. TOM DASHELLE, what a jerk?.
    Ken Houser

  • Robt January 28, 2009 5:04 am

    Mike Lane must advise Pence, you think? Below Pence (interviewed on CNN) sounds like Mike on your show.
    Here’s Pence in 2007 talking about Saddam:
    Wolf: “You know a lot of people believe that the whole weapons of mass destruction was a charade. The real reason was oil.”
    Pence: “Right. Well we, I mean, but, in point of fact, uh, Saddam Hussein did have chemical weapons of mass destruction. He used them against the population in Kurdistan”

  • Robt January 28, 2009 3:42 am

    Why doesn’t Mike Lane care about the Constitution? Why doesn’t he want America to stand for what it should and has been percieved as ?
    Doesn’t Mike Lane feel torture is one of those slippery slopes?
    Next, we torture confessions out of accused criminals and then sentence them on their confessions under duress of torture.
    after that, political enemies. Maybe wecan turn this around and begin torturing confessions from Rove, Scooter, Cheney(trade his pace maker battery for a worn battery), Then we can get to torturing the Bernie Madoff’s.
    We can put the actual torturing on TV as the new generation of “Survivor”.
    Maybe we should torture our Presidential candidate on inauguration day as part of the process. So we know (or think we know from the confession) what our next president will in fact keep his word on and what his true agenda is?
    Mike wants what republicans want but Obama won. Obama is right more than we think. As Obama marginalized Rush Limbaugh recently, Republicans need to put away childish ways.
    When Rush says he, Wants Obama to fail”. What Rush is saying is that his own personal ideology trumps all other Americans. And all those that do not have Rush’s Ditto-Head’s views are not American. This includes those that served and fought for Rush’s own freedoms. It is not enough for him to personally enjoy trashing those that fought for his freedoms on public radio everyday without public recourse everyday.
    It is fact that Rush in lied in ’06 by stating on his show, ” I am tired of carrying water for the Republicans and won’t do it anymore “. It was Rush’s way of bringing republicans in line or take the retribution of his mouth on public radio.
    Rush screams of partisanship. The partisanship where the poor fight the wars of the wealthy for a “six pence”.
    I think Obama calling out republicans on Rush elevates Rush to allow Rush’s own enemy to disgrace and marginalize Rush himself. That enemy of Rush is Rush himself.

  • Jeff January 28, 2009 2:18 am

    I’m impressed. When Lane the liar claimed that Rush was taken out of context when he said that he hoped Obama failed, you took him down with facts. Lane used Limbaugh’s post-created back pedalling context, but you went to his website and showed that Limbaugh said he needed no context.
    The only thing I would have done differently is I would have let Lane deny that Rush claimed he needed no context first.
    And I know you were running out of time, but that bastard knows water boarding is torture. Obama should declare Limbaugh an enemy combatant and have him dragged away legally for now, and pretend to have him water boarded. I can imagine what the pundits would say then about not knowing if it’s torture.

  • Robt January 27, 2009 1:11 pm

    Who is leader the Republican party Today?
    Rush? (IA)Rep Steve King?
    Sen. Inhofe?
    Wouldn’t the republican do better if they tried to participate and work out ideas that help the country right now instead of obstructing?
    They weren’t concerned with the economy, balancing the budget, foreign affairs etc etc until a Democratic President and congress majorities became reality.
    Why are republicans always at their caring principaled obstructing best when in the majority.
    They are great at talking about balancing the budget. They are horrible at presiding over budgets and Gov’t. Is this because they hate American Gov’t so much?