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Interview with Congressional Candidate Mark Levine [AM]

March 5, 2014

Instead of pitting students against seniors, we can have both subsidized student loans and increased benefits for social security. Today I’ll tell you how as host Garland Nixon interviews me about my Congressional bid.

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  • Nathan March 6, 2014 4:48 pm

    Hey Mark! You may or may not remember me but I was a regular listener on the old radio inside scoop back in 2004. I was probably your 3rd favorite conservative listener (out of three).
    I have no idea why, but thought about you today and ended up here to see what you were up to. Low and behold you just announced your campaign for congress! Congrats! I listened to the show and can say you haven’t lost your passion. If I was in your district (and a democrat) you’d certainly have my vote.
    Glad to see you’re doing well, and best of luck in your campaign!