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Recount in Ohio

November 12, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Important Guest: Congressman John Conyers of Michigan, the Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee
The Green and Libertarian Parties have jointly announced a great service they are providing to America: they are funding a recount in Ohio. While unlikely to make John Kerry President (though wouldn’t it be incredible if it did erase the 130,000-vote margin?), the recount will hopefully serve to focus on the problems citizens encounted in Ohio trying to vote and the all-important question of whether the electronic tallies were subject to tampering. There are of still 250,000+ Ohio votes remaining to be counted. And almost 4,000 votes for Bush have already determined to be the result of an electronic error.

I have been trying repeatedly since the Election to get the Ohio Secretary of State’s office (that handles elections in Ohio) to agree to an interview on THE INSIDE SCOOP. At first, they agreed to do it and said they’d get back to me. When I called again, they wanted to know my precise views on whether the Ohio election was fair. I said I had an open mind, but there were troubling questions and when asked, I told them what some of the troubling questions were. They then stalled — neither saying yes or no — hoping I’d go away. I kept at them, calling every day, until finally, this morning, they REFUSED to grant the interview.
I told them repeatedly I wanted to reassure the radio audience (including my Ohio listeners) that the Ohio election was free and fair. Their failure to agree to an interview on the subject is extremely troubling. Do you think they have something to hide?

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  • Tommy Peterson November 27, 2004 6:47 pm

    It appears that in addition to the above that this is going to be a great sales season as well:

  • Tommy Peterson November 26, 2004 5:33 pm

    Why do you feel that Bush is leading us to an economic collapse? The unemployment rate in my county is below 2%. There is a prediction that next May will be one of the best hiring seasons for new college graduates. Housing is solid and has been booming. The stock market has been up and doing very well. I have friends in the tech industry who went without a job for 3 years (by choice mostly but when they did start looking they couldn’t find one initially). Those people are now employed. Yes there is outsourcing. But the solution to unemployment is RETRAINING. People are going to HAVE to update their skills and KEEP them updated. That brings up the questions about how without money, right? If you have no income there is such a thing as financial aid where you go FREE. Then there are student loans for those that have no income but large assets. There are plenty of avenues. But people refuse to be marketable. It is called the job market because humans in a capitalistic society/market are considered human resources. Have you read the profuse articles on this subject: that employers NEED people but no one is qualified. The solution is that a large part of a couple generations are going to have to retrain. There is no way around it.