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Remember the Fourth Amendment! [IS]

August 19, 2013

Whether it’s NSA spying or Stop and Frisk, it’s time to review the basic principles of the Fourth Amendment. Because people in the Government who do these things are lying to us and innocent people are getting hurt. Whether it’s hated men like Edward Snowden or Pedro Serrano, ask yourself who are the real heroes here.
Guest: Jennifer Hoelzer, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), perhaps the foremost critic of the NSA spying program. Don’t miss her insider account of the Administration’s response to the leaks about surveillance!
On Stop and Frisk, don’t miss the Nation’s exposé featuring secretly-taped recordings of a young teenager stop and frisked and officers talking about being forced to do 250s (the code section for stop and frisk) even when they feel it’s unnecessary harassment. You can watch it below:

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