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Republican Hypocrisy, Election 2008, and Dirty Politics

July 11, 2007

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Mark takes on the newest discovery of the Attorney General lying to Congress (this time about the PATRIOT Act) and the hypocrisy of “abstinence only, no marriage for gay people” Senator David Vitter’s trysts with prostitutes (Republican family values!);
Then Mark interviews Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel;
Vice-Chairman of the Democratic Party Susie Turnbull on our crazy primary system;
and former Maryland Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend on why she thinks it’s wrong to hate politics.

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  • Robt July 14, 2007 2:07 pm

    “I attended Catholic schools growing up, so I know first-hand of the benefits of a Catholic school education.” – Senator David Vitter.
    So where is that writer La Breck that writes those cute little childrens seeding hate books.
    “help mom libs are under my bed” I recall.
    I imagine La Breck has no problem with David Vitters, Mark Foley or that homeland security republican of kiddy porn fame in her house?
    I read somewhere that a majority of these extreme pixilated partisan religious republicans
    are products of private schools. They have championed private schools.
    We know that the republicans have been trying to tear down public education for quite some time in favor of privatization (private schools that they are a direct product of and feel these schools produce a more like minded constituency for their future.
    They listed,
    Bush, Rummy, Cheney, Sean Hannity, James Inhofe, David Vitters, Mark Foley, Orin Hatch, Rick Santorum, George (Macaca) Allen , Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Bill O Rielly, Alberto Gonzales, Inmate
    #28301-016(Libby) and for laughs the Roman emperor
    This may not be the case against private schools.
    Although it does make a case to privatize schools to produce a narrow set of values (of others) that agrees with your own and denies critical thinking.
    The best yes men a corporate executive can buy….