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Republicans Fall Off the Deep End: Wild Ideas and Outbursts from the Party of No

September 14, 2009

Mark and his guest, Republican Strategist Mike Lane, discuss the wild ideas of the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia (Bob McDonnell), who wants to ensure women are paid less than men, and the wild shouts of Republican Congressman Joe Wilson who insisted on interrupting President Obama’s health-care speech with his own lie:  “You Lie!”
Can Mike Lane possibly defend these wild ideas and outbursts?
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  • Robt September 19, 2009 1:12 am

    How did Mike Lane feel when the shoes were thrown at President Bush?

  • Tao McMao September 14, 2009 2:24 pm

    Glen Beck is an emotional terrorist and his vile consciousness needs to be encapsulated in a metaphysical translucent egg–where the light can shine in–but his hate can’t get out

  • madfuq September 14, 2009 12:21 am

    I was appalled at the behavior of Joe Wilson during Obama’s address to congress, it shows the face of the repubs in todays atmosphere as one of juvinile belicose spoiled brats. I call the brats as they do not in anyway act like adults. If this is what the repubs have then their party is sinking into a cesspool faster than I thought. Who do they think they are and who in the hell do they represent other than the small minded bigots on the far right.
    When childish behavior as we witnessed by wilson is observed then who in their right mind would vote for this nutball??? other than another nutball. The discourse we see so much is not productive but is destroying our republic and the media needs to get some guts and expose this behaior for what it is. STUPID!

  • Robt September 11, 2009 2:24 am

    How about that republican passion during the President’s address to congress. I’m talking about representative Joe Wilson. Sure Wilson may be under some strees because of his Governor Sanford back home is still hypnotized by the Argentina soul mate of his.
    There is a question of accountability. Wilson not only enterupted the President of the United States in a official address. He also heckle the president by calling him a liar. Wilson was completely incorrect of the thought that illegals are covered in the health care plan of the House of Reos. HR3200. It is not there!
    He should be censured by the Congress at the least.
    Their is a war going on involving U.S> troops. This means Obama is the Commander and Chief. Many of those troops have access to televisions. So a grunt sees the lack of respect to the President, then calls over his commander and heckles him? Is that OK?