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Republicans STEAL Democratic Flags! (then accuse Dems of being un-patriotic)

September 6, 2008

Republicans in right-wing Colorado Springs claim that Democrats left behind unused flags at Mile High Stadium in Denver after Obama’s speech and that they, the Republicans, saved the flags. The story surprised me, because I personally searched the stadium for leftover flags – I wanted one as a souvenir – and it took me some time to find one. The very few flags that were left behind were not in great condition. I did find one small flag (which I brought home) but unfortunately no big flags. I kept looking until the stadium staff kindly asked me (and others) to leave so they could clean up.
I assumed the Republicans were just making up the flag story in a typical, mindless challenge to Democratic Patriotism (see footnote below). But now the truth has just been reported at the Denver Post and on CBS: some McCain operative STOLE the Democratic-Party-owned flags that the Obama campaign was planning to be distribute at future Obama rallies. If I were Obama, I would press charges to get that Republican operative in jail for theft! More on the silly flag story here.

Footnote: Republicans believe protecting a small American flag is more important than protecting the Constitution. That’s why they would support a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning but see no problem with American torture, secret prisons, warrantless wiretapping, jailing American citizens without charges or trials, hiding prisoners from the Red Cross, and other tactics reminiscent of the former East German police state. For a Republican, patriotism is unthinking, unquestioning love for any Republican American President and believing everything he says without the slightest bit of skepticism. They really believe skepticism of your Government (when run by their party) is “liberal,” “elitist,” “cynical”, “intellectual,” and wrong in a democracy. And the media should apologize.

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  • Robt September 11, 2008 3:18 am

    Who wants their Social Security to be put in Bear Stearns? Brute, is that you raising your hand?
    I wonder if you or anyone that is bothered with Gov’t (Big or not Friedmanian) care at all about Alaska’s oil tax per Gal of gas they hit prior pumped out of the state. that actually raises the pump price so that Alaska can cut welfare checks to its state residents of $2,000 each per year.?
    Is that conservative? Republican? Free market?
    Also if you want to talk of distracting issues, away from McCain voting with Bush 95% of the time and 100% in ’08. That McCain is now running against his party, president Bush the last 8 years of republican corruption, the last 2 years of republicans breaking all time records in filabustering, and running against the mythical liberal biased press.
    *bonus round;
    if you really want some off issue meat. He is your Republican champion of rugged individualism and self made man.
    >American tax payers have been paying for McCain for some time.
    He was born on a military base at our expense, his schooling, Health care, Training and education in the military when he joined. We paid for 5 jet aircraft he crashed before he ever got to Vietnam. We paid for the jet he crashed in vietnam when he got captured. We paid for red cross to assist him as a POW, We paid on his return for health care, for re education.
    We have been paying John McCain $58,000 per year since he returned from vietnam. His health care still. We paid his salary (more than our own pay) with full health care and retirement as a Congressman and as Senator as well. He supposedlyperforms his job as Senator without any restriction or disabilities. So for the 30 years in Congress he has had full health care, full senator salary, $58,000 per year on top for his service.
    $58,000 per year times 30 years=$1740,000. Was he worth all those vietnamese video tapes for propaganda he made?
    Let us not forget McCain’s legal fees for being one of the Keating five, and what his involvement cost Americans to bail out those S&L’s.
    But we aren’t quite done yet, McCain opted for Gov’t funds during his primary election. Which we paid for. He is using some of that taxpayer funding as we speak to run. McCain will go cradle to grave his whole life if he makes President on tax payers.
    But he won’t want us to have health care or Social Security and such, why does he think that way?