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Republicans Want Unions to Pay for Wall Street Mistakes; Surging Stock Market

October 2, 2010

Part 2 of above video from “Cashin In” on FOX News

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  • Alan October 14, 2010 12:44 pm

    Mark you have your facts wrong. UAW guaranteed 40 hours if they work or not. Check out the facts about why the Mahwah NJ. Ford plant closed. This is the kind of Union leadership kills jobs. As a member of the Teamsters for over 16 years I have seen the leaders and politicans screw companies into bankrupcy. You want people paid because they have a card and pay dues to some org. instead of because they are productive and trustworthy. You keep whining about the Corporate bonus’ .Well check sometime on the perks the Union leaders give themselves on the members dues. The companies in Wall street are PRIVATLY owned. they ahve to answer to their clients not you . The BS answer about we had to bail them out is just that BS. America has bounced back from their failure before. And we would have done it again. The NJ Extortion Union is one of the largest problems with NJ tax rate today. And yet you feel that the tax payers in NJ should keep giving them everything they want. Their leaders won’t agree to anything except padding their own pockets.
    Lets go back to the Uaw. How come Toyota and Honda employees get almost the same wage and benefits as UAW workers. But the UAW wants a piece of that pie. Are they worked harder, No, are their working conditions worse, NO. Oh well maybe it’s the lost dues, for the leaders bank account???
    Mark when you open your maouth about unions you spoute liberal crap that died about the same time as Jimmy Hoffa. Talk to some people in the real working world. Not the coddled union workers.

  • James Rielly October 3, 2010 9:55 am

    you are a moron I worked for the state of NY as a a union rep the state can’t fire antone cause we would tie them up for years . and every agence is top heavy more cheif at high paying job then indians