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Rest in Peace, Ted Kennedy

August 26, 2009

The Lion of the Senate tried to live just long enough to achieve universal health care in America, but the demagoguery of the Republicans and the squabbling among Democrats could not get it done before Congressional recess.

After Ted’s brother John died, John’s legacy was used to finally pass one of the most important pieces of legislation in American history which had also been postponed for decades and fought with bloody lies and nasty rhetoric:  the Civil Rights Act.

Perhaps Ted’s death — like his brother’s — can be used as a legacy to finally put the USA on an equal footing with other industrialized nations

To achieve the principle Ted Kennedy fought his entire life for:

No one in America should die of poverty.

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  • madfuq August 30, 2009 10:29 am

    I was impressed with the comments by those that knew Teddy Kennedy and related personal story after story of his love of country and the actual service he gave in his lifetime. I had no idea how much he had accomplished. I still love to hear anyone say I am a Liberal and I will wear that moniker proudly myself. JFK’s definition of a Liberal is exactly how I feel too.

    I am a democrat because we are the party for the people, the sad republican party has morphed into the party for big bussiness, corporations and only the wealthy. These United States have been built by the people each individual that gave service to her preservation not her destruction.

    Now those that care little for country but only for the game of one upmanship can continue to vilify Senator Kennedy but that is little satisfaction as he no longer cares and his family has more courage and historical service than the petty childish voices that will continue to do so. It is time for the pundits to grow up and put childish behavior behind them and if they can not do that then step up to the plate and serve the country in some worthy manor other than nit picking!

  • Ray N. Karnation August 28, 2009 8:53 am


    I don’t know when
    I’ll see you again,
    but then
    will be a happy time
    carried on waves of emotion,

    subtle feeling in my heart
    told me right from the start,
    there was power in your song,

    so don’t be too long,

    stay deep within spiritual connection
    and course will lead with angelic protection
    to our destined reunion to holy communion,

    like flowing water to the sea.

    Gordon Neumann

  • Ray N. Karnation August 27, 2009 8:46 am

    What’s the point of dying rich–except to incarnate into poverty in your next life

    Beyond the Bounds of Time

    So, what do you know
    about love,
    the quest of all life,
    the metaphysical coercion of emotion
    that transcends definition,

    that simple feeling
    that wakes you up,
    with no explanation,
    just lingering satisfaction,

    that lasting blessing
    that doesn’t go away,
    but becomes a growing part of you,

    willingly, naturally,
    exponentially eternally,
    beyond the bounds of time,
    but still
    within the parameters of your soul.