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Romney's Lax Regulation Leaves 29 Dead 368 Infected [LM]

November 1, 2012

Both Hurricane Sandy and Romney’s role in negligently causing the death of 29 Americans are strong reasons to realize that Government, elected by the People can be a force for good and to vote to re-elect President Obama.

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  • Ken Korczak November 1, 2012 10:33 pm

    OK. So the corporate executives are immune from prosecution for (negligently!?!!) Causing the deaths of many Americans – just to maximize their profits!
    What about certain politicians (Romney and Brown) who took certain ACTIONS (writing letters, making phone calls, accepting money after aiding in the cover-up)? Are THEY also immune from prosecution?
    Romney and Brown knew, or they should have known, of the DANGERS of CONTAMINATED MEDICINE! They SHOULD BE CHARGED!
    Ken Korczak