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Security Versus Privacy in the Age of Terrorism – Conf. World Affairs

April 18, 2006

(Archive) (Download Time = 3-10 minutes.)
From the 2005 Conference on World Affairs – Boulder, Colorado
Mark Levine
Martha Baer
Jim Smith
Panel before live audience – Monday, April 4, 2005
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  • Dr. Freud April 20, 2006 2:39 pm

    Fred–what you don’t get is what will be more than apparent to you–when you breathe your last breath–and understand the illusion of your psychic-manufactured fear as you seemingly live in your hell, now
    There is nothing to fight–certainly not death–none of us get out of here alive–the question is, what is our state of mind as we do it
    Don’t let the lies of this world rule you–transcend them and be not afraid of your own ego that attempts to fool you

  • Fred Dawes April 20, 2006 1:07 pm

    to chill compadre, you don’t get it, evil means nothing god is the political lie and fools do rule.
    all is a illusion and some guy said about 2500 years ago that hope is evil, get my point?
    in this coming third world hell, it isn’t me who will live in it, “it is you”, see it for what it is not what you want it to be.
    Do not be the “New Jew”, that walks to the camp; fight back AND LIVE.

  • Chill compadre April 20, 2006 9:15 am

    Awwwwwww Fred–evil is the ILLUSION that permeates your brain–see the innocence of a baby suckling its mama’s breasts–remember when you did the same–and realize comraderie in being a mammal sharing that infantile instinct with your fellow men–then, maybe, you can begin to discard the fear that floats in your universe, heckling you in your weakest moments
    Be a part of the solution, not the problem

  • Fred Dawes April 19, 2006 10:23 pm

    come on we have many terrorists here and now, inside the USA, read this and ask where did he get his money and what has happen to L.A. In the last 2 years.
    May 17, 2005 – Black Day in U.S. History
    Vehement MEChA Zealot Elected L.A. Mayor
    Villaraigosa is shown at right (foreground) bouncing down the old camino in illegal alien-bloated East L.A., his old gang turf, in a low-rider in celebration of Mexican independence day – September 9, 2001. He is accompanied by disgraced former governor Gray Davis, who was booted out of office for being an incompetent buffoon, and the particularly obnoxious Martha Lara, then cónsul general de México in L. A.
    Hits since 5/20/05 – Counter
    Click here for details about Mexican government stooge
    Villaragosa consorting with the enemy over Prop. 187
    Also See: Lying CouncilMEChista Villaraigosa | Rabid Mexican Menace Defeated in 2001
    Villaraigosa With
    Sr. BustaMEChA Missoula News — April 13, 2006
    “We are America,” claims Mexican Reconquista
    …The Hispanic Mayor of L.A., Antonio Villaraigosa, summed up the enormous undercurrent of discontent in the crowds, saying: “We wave these American flags because we say to the Americans that we clean your toilets, we clean your hotels and we take care of your children and now we ask you to help us take care of our children as well.” [Send this disgusting subversive a toilet brush]
    MEChA Skunk Los Angeles Times — April 11, 2006
    Thousands engage in tantrums across California
    …”They want to criminalize us,” said Juana Sosa, an [illegal alien… criminal] from Michoacan, Mexico. “We need to fight for our rights.” — “We clean your toilets, we clean your hotels, we build your houses, we take care of your children,” Mayor [and rabid Reconquista] Antonio Villaraigosa said. “We want you to help us take care of our children as well.”
    ‘The Boot’ — April 2, 2006
    It’s time to boot L. A. Mayor ‘MEChA-skunk’ Villaraigosa
    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is now working on behalf of Mexico in defiance of the will of Los Angeles’ citizenry — giving Los Angeles away. The evidence is clear. — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa exemplified his intolorance for views other than his own, of other politicians — especially Latino politicians…
    MEChA Skunk Media Matters — March 29, 2006
    Malkin called Villaraigosa and Bustamante “Latino supremacists”
    In a column on the recent demonstrations against a House immigration bill, Michelle Malkin referred to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante as “Latino supremacists.” Malkin characterized the protests as “militant racism” marked by “virulent anti-American hatred.”
    American Patrol Report — March 29, 2006
    Recall “Pancho” Villaraigosa?
    L.A. Mayor Antonio “Pancho” Villaraigosa is defying the laws of the United States, thereby violating his oath of office. Some are calling for his recall. Los Angeles talk show hosts John and Ken could make it happen. Contact John and Ken [[email protected]] and ask them to take up the challenge.
    MEChA Skunk Los Angeles Daily News — March 26, 2006
    Mexican government lackey Villaraigosa sides with outlaws
    …”We come together to say that we are workers, not criminals; that we work hard, we pay our taxes, we play by the rules and we want this great America to take us into account,” said former gangster and Mechista turned mayor of an invader- packed L.A. Antonio Villaraigosa. [This traitorous buffoon may run for governor in a few years].
    Villaraigosa With
    Sr. BustaMEChA KNBC-TV — Los Angeles — March 3, 2006
    ‘Mayor Mechista’, L.A. councilman agree with Mahony
    The L.A. Archdiocese will ignore a proposed federal law that would require churches to ask immigrants for residency documents before administering help, Cardinal Roger Mahony said Wednesday. — “I can tell you that the cardinal, I think, is right is saying that the church should not be in the business of enforcing our immigration laws,” Villaraigosa said…
    Villaraigosa Associated Press — February 1, 2006
    Mechista mayor criticizes Bush after State of the Union
    Mayor [and vehement Mexican reconquista] Antonio Villaraigosa, in a nationally televised Spanish- language speech, faulted the White House Tuesday for policies he said pushed more Americans into poverty and failed to address a crisis in education. — “America can do better,” the mayor said in response to President Bush’s State of the Union address. [Related item]
    No Mechistas L. A. Times / Arkansas Blog — January 27, 2006
    Villaraigosa, Key Democrats Discuss Reply to Bush’s Address
    [L.A. Mayor Antonio ‘MEChA-Boy’ Villaraigosa on C-SPAN]: … After saying that Los Angeles is not going to follow the lead of Costa Mesa and involve police officers more in identifying illegal immigrants, a caller from Arkansas said not enough was being done to counter illegal immigration. — The woman declared: “It’s only after the influx of illegals that you were elected, sir. How is this possible?”
    Villaraigosa With
    Sr. BustaMEChA Associated Press — January 25, 2006
    Mexican Reconquista to give response to Bush speech
    L. A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will give the Spanish- language response to President Bush’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Democratic congressional leaders announced. — Villaraigosa has been seen as a rising Democratic star since his election in May as the first Hispanic in 133 years to lead Los Angeles, the country’s second- largest city.
    Villaraigosa Bloomberg — November 21, 2005
    Invader-stuffed schools sink as Mechista Mayor backs off
    Los Angeles Mayor [and vehement Mexican reconquista] Antonio Villaraigosa, whose pledge to improve education helped elect him in May, is tempering threats to take over the city’s schools. — Villaraigosa, a city native who dropped out of high school and later graduated from UCLA, has been forced to change tactics…
    No Mechistas — November 10, 2005
    L.A.’s ‘Mayor MEChA-Boy’ Corrupt? Surprise!!!!
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa used a private jet provided by the CEO of Ameriquest (Roland Arnall) to attend the funeral of Rosa Parks. — He says he will personally reimburse the company for the cost of $438.00 (price of 2 round trip tickets on a commercial airline). But he flew in a private jet, which costs thousands of dollars per hour to fly…
    MEChA Mayorista Stop The ACLU — October 30, 2005
    ‘Mayor Reconquista’ appoints ACLU menace to city post
    Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa is the former Vice President of the Southern California ACLU. Last week he nominated Ramona Ripston, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. — Here’s an excerpt from his letter to the city council. — “I certify that in my opinion Ms. Ripston is especially qualified by reason of training and experience for the work which shall devolve upon her, and that I make the appointment solely in the interest of the City.” — If this guy was Pinocchio he’d be blowing his nose in New Jersey.
    Villaraigosa Associated Press — October 29, 2005
    Foreign nuisance spews balderdash at Mayor ‘MEChA-Boy’
    Los Angeles — Salvadoran President Tony Saca is urging Los Angeles Mayor [and vehement Mexican reconquista / MEChA- Boy] Antonio Villaraigosa to support national immigration reform, saying resolving the status of [illegal aliens… criminals] would benefit the United States.
    No Mechistas Walter Moore — — August 1, 2005
    Villaraigosa’s First Month
    During his first month as the mayor of Los Angeles, Villaraigosa has done the exactly same thing he does every time he’s elected to an office: start campaigning for another, higher office. Publicity, publicity, publicity — that has been his focus for 30 days. And he’s done great. He’s managed to get his face on the cover of national magazines…
    Alcalde Malo Whittier Daily News — July 4, 2005
    Mechista kook declares L.A. “the new Ellis Island”
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Sunday said Los Angeles is the “new Ellis Island,” and that a strong public-education system is key to success for immigrants’ children. — Los Angeles is an immigration [invasion] hub, the new mayor said, and “the city of America’s hopes and dreams.”
    ACLU Trash Lance T. Izumi — Human Events — June 22, 2005
    Villaraigosa Should Worry About the Border
    Although he was endorsed by Richard Riordan… new Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has wasted no time in slamming the governor’s views on controlling illegal immigration. Villaraigosa recently opined, “Instead of closing the borders, as stated by Schwarzenegger, we should look at our border as an opportunity.”
    File Photo Marin Independent Journal — June 7, 2005
    Racial clashes roil L.A.
    As a candidate for mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa [a vehement Mexican reconquista] packaged his ethnicity as carefully as he knotted one of his designer ties. Looking to appeal across the racial rainbow, he became the candidate who happened to be Hispanic, not the Hispanic candidate. — But only days after his watershed election as the first Hispanic mayor of modern Los Angeles, a rash of fistfights between black and Hispanic students…
    Mayor No Antonio Villaraigosa, Mexican Menace — June 2, 2005
    Mechista stooge spews swill, claims to be a ‘patriot’
    I come today as someone who believes that this is a great and beautiful country. I was asked earlier today what was the significance of my victory and I said, we live in a country where we had a civil rights act and a voting rights act that opened up the country to someone like me…
    Villaraigosa Burt Prelutsky — — June 1, 2005
    Viva Villaraigosa?
    Recently, we elected a new mayor here in Los Angeles. James Hahn ­ a boring incumbent whose first term in office was tainted with a few charges of corruption ­ was routed by his challenger, Antonio Villaraigosa, a youthful- looking 52. — Mr. Villaraigosa was portrayed as a wonderful role model because he’d been a high-school dropout…
    Mayor No El Universal — Mexico City — May 26, 2005
    Mechista scoundrel aims to ‘improve relations with Mexico’
    Los Angeles mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa the city’s first Latino mayor since 1872 said Wednesday that Mexico will play an important role in shaping his policies. — In an interview with El Universal, Villaraigosa spoke about the Real ID act and its effect on migrants and recent proposals which would allow local police to detain undocumented workers for deportation. [See Feature: Los Angeles Falls]
    Villaraigosa Greg Crosby — Jewish World Review — May 20, 2005
    LA’s Mexican Mayor
    If you thought the floodgates for illegal immigrants were wide open in Los Angeles up until now, hold on to your sombrero. Now that Antonio Villaraigosa has been elected mayor you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The guy who was Chairman of the UCLA chapter of MEChA, the anti-American and anti-Israel Mexican separatist group; the guy with the “born to raise hell” tattoo…
    Villaraigosa With
    Sr. BustaMEChA Reed Heustis Jr. — — May 19, 2005
    Villaraigosa Ushers in Dark Day for Los Angeles
    With yesterday’s landslide victory for Antonio Villaraigosa over incumbent James Hahn for the mayoral office, it is a dark day indeed for the City of Angels. — To be sure, both Hahn and Villaraigosa were horrible candidates who represent the worst of the political spectrum. Both are pro-gay, pro-abortion, and pro-socialism.
    No Mechistas Sacramento Bee — May 18, 2005
    Rabid Mexican reconquista elected mayor of Los Angeles
    City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa appeared likely Tuesday to become the first Latino in modern times to be elected Los Angeles mayor as he led incumbent James Hahn in a bitterly fought grudge match between the two former combatants. — A one-time high school dropout with a troubled past… [This deplorable traitor was also a ‘queso grande’ in the ACLU, and went to Mexico to congratulate then Mexican president Zedillo for his help in killing California’s Prop 187.]
    Villaraigosa San Mateo County Times — May 19, 2005
    L.A. Mechista stooge objects to Minutemen (what a shock!)
    Los Angeles — Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa said Thursday he opposes civilian volunteers patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border to discourage illegal immigration, putting him at odds with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. — “We need our Department of Homeland Security, which patrols the border … to address the issue of security,” Villaraigosa told CNN.
    American Patrol Feature — May 16 and 17, 2005
    Does L.A. Need a Mayor who Reports to Mexico City?
    If Not, Vote for Jim Hahn on Tuesday, May 17
    L. A. Times — August 4, 1999 Letters to the Editor, Los Angeles Times
    Sunday, August 8, 1999
    What am I missing here? Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa thanks Mexico’s President Ernesto Zedillo for helping kill Proposition 187, which denied benefits to Mexicans who broke our laws to live in California illegally…We know who Zedillo works for. But who does Villaraigosa work for? —DOREEN HIRSCHFELD
    The above letter was part of an ad that was to be published in the L.A. Daily News paid for by American Patrol. The ad was never published [see this feature].
    Also See:
    More information on MEChA-boy Villaraigosa
    The Real Tony Villar – Bruin Alumni Assn.
    Villaraigosa Bruin Almni Association — May 13, 2005
    Ex-gang-banger Villaraigosa renounces MEChA… sort of
    On May 11 at a morning campaign press conference, Antonio Villaraigosa was asked for the second time in three days about his ties to MEChA. Two days earlier on Monday at a North Hollywood press conference, Villaraigosa responded flippantly, “I was in the Boy Scouts, too.” — This time, with the Bruin Alumni Association banner “Renounce MEChA” pressed up against the window… [Also See: Racista Mechista]