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There's a Sucker Born A Minute

November 17, 2010

Serve your betters: How the faux-grass-roots “Tea Party” is convincing ordinary Americans, strapped for their cash, to give their last dollar to foreign billionaires

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  • Robt November 6, 2010 6:21 pm

    Mark T,
    It is ironically sad in where people can be against the betterment of others. Sometimes I think it is the marketing of selfishness.
    I am a union member and have had to address my fellow republican union bretheren on their talking points.
    Asking them to name one republican that thinks unions should exist or has legislated in favor of unions. They reply by telling me there are many republicans that are union members.
    Yet, when I retort, why don’t you go out and get one of those great NON union jobs instead of working here in a union atmosphere and asking doesn’t being in a union hurt your republican ideological posture? They end the conversation.
    They will get in the companies face and threaten to go to OSHA on safery issues if the company doesn’t adhere and support republicans that outright state that OSHA needs to get out of the companies business because corporation will do what is best.
    Go figure?
    They will rail against Government jobs having pensions while they enjoy the pension negotiated from the company.
    They haven’t been able to put the two competing issues side by side and compare from their own life’s perspective.
    It is everyone else, (the liberal0commie, Marxists, Unionist, stalinists, Equal opportunity job quata types that have destroyed this economy.
    That republican rugged individualism conservatives sell (very well) provides the fantasy of being John Wayne in a western.
    Try asking some of the Tea Party (let alone republicans if the Gov’t can’t create jobs, Gov’t needs to get out of our lives, Gov’t must get out of the way of private industry, Gov’t needs to be small, Gov’t canot do ANYTHING right.
    Why did Bush and republicans create jobs. Like the TSA? Why do republicans believe that tax payers should fund Gov’t to provide the private sector airline industry with airline security (the TSA)?
    If the private sector does everything right and is more cost effective, then why doesn’t the Airline industry provide their own security against terrorism? pay for it themselves?
    Run it themselves?
    Couldn’t United Airlines just contract out their security to Blackwater? Letting the free market handle it? If the price of a ticket to fly is doubled to cover the cost of the passengers to feel secure in their flight, it is the market that will prescribe the outcome no matter what, right?
    Those who decry that Gov’t can’t do anything right and needs to be ran like a corporation, Gov’t must be real small and unintrusive.
    I say to them,
    *If Gov’t can’t do anything right, why do you vote republican to run Gov’t that can’t do anything right and have republicans ran Gov’t?
    *Would Gov’t be better ran by ENRON? AIG? Leman Bros.?
    *This is a big powerful country and requires a big Government. An effective Gov’t could reduce the size somewhat but it will remain big as long as America remains powerful and influencial in the world.
    *A small-tiny Gov’t would not be able to defend the Constitution agianst private corporate, Multi- National entities or foriegn countries if it were SMALL as you percieve it should be.
    *The Constitution will insert itself on those that do not feel it applies to them, is in their way or wish to impose their views on others with their power and influence. Their are many that too often continue to attempt to impose their ideals of what their freedoms are on others. A small Gov’t could not defend your constitutional rights against such powerful wealth and influence in this world.
    *If you were in an accident and found yourself in desperate need of medical attention and the closest Hospital you were taken to did not want to attend your life threatening needs because otf the color of your skon, political ideology, religion, credit rating, etc. Gov’t needs to be big and strong enough to intrude……….

  • Mark T November 5, 2010 10:12 am

    Greeting Mark,
    That is the very same argument I have been using for years,( the confederate soldier fighting to keep slavery).
    Have you heard the recurring theme to all these tea party/conservitive people? They are so worried about “THE UNWORTHY” getting something that they are not entitled to. You know, like welfare,earned income tax credits,union members,etc. What they don’t have any trouble with is corporate welfare and the very wealthy paying less taxes. After all they deserve their benefits because they “work harder” and apperently the poor do not.
    Why do people hate unions? The overall purpose of unions is to better the workers lifestyle. How is that wrong? Stop bashing unions! We should all try to lift ourselves to their position not lower them to ours.
    And if I hear another person say ” a poor person never gave me a job” i’ll scream. Unless you build yaughts or mansions that is just not true. Do you think that if the owner of my company received $100,000 dollars he would just hire 2 more employees if there is no demand for our product/services? Of course not. People (rich or otherwise) do not hire employees unless there is a demand for them.
    They also have a problem with entitlement programs. Do you know that entitlement programs help people? The tea party people would never cut spending by cutting military spending.
    How do the conservatives convince average Americans that they don’t deserve to have it any better?