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Cashin In

July 10, 2010

Mark discusses why we need Government Spending, why the Arizona law is unconstitutional, and why we need Superfund.

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  • Harry Thompson July 13, 2010 12:18 pm

    Re: Cashin` 7/10/10

    Mark, waving your copy of the Constitution is a leftist trick per your protected 1st Amendment rights, yet you trash taxpayers` 10th Ameendment rights, by supporting big government schemes of redistributing OPM.
    It`s not SB 1070 that`s unconstitutional, but it`s Chairman NObama`s failure to enforce the Constitution to protect us from invasion by his illegal alien constituents.
    If you oppose SB 1070, fair enough, then expose NObama`s hypcrisy, whose DOJ won`t go after the sanctuary state with a similiar illegal alien law on the books, but ahnold won`t enforce California`s law, so he gets a pass.
    Let the revolution begin, again…no more taxation, without representation. Support taxpayers, & wave a copy of the 10th Amendment, along with celebrating Socialist Insecurity Day on August 14th, reminding FICA payers to the potential fraud in their future, as they`ll lose their retirement savings in the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, if they don`t live to collect any benefits, or have no eligible survivors.

    Harry Thompson
    Tucson, AZ