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Gay Rights: Are Congress and the President Too Slow?

October 12, 2009

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress swear to the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender community that they will keep their promises.  There are four, listed in order of least-important, easiest-to-get to most important, hardest-to-get:
– Hate Crimes Legislation
– Employment Non-Discrimination
– Freedom to Serve in the Military
– Repeal of “Defense of Marriage Act”
In my opinion, the Democrats in Congress must achieve at least the first 3 by November 2010. Or they will see that GLBT supporters will simply stop giving money to Democrats. Many also — although I do not recommend this — will stay home and not vote.
If there is a Republican rout in 2010, let me the first to explain why strong and tireless supporters of the Democratic Party — namely gays and lesbians and their friends and family, parents and children — stayed home.
President Obama will have to deliver more than a great speech.

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