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So Much For Loving Thy Neighbor

November 6, 2009

Mark’s editoral was published today in The Washington Blade.

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  • Dr. Love November 15, 2009 10:22 am

    Waiting Healing

    So difficult to trust,
    to have faith in a whisper,
    to live in lonely wonder,

    to love a dream
    that seems so far away
    takes all a fragile heart can handle,

    not easy,
    to stare through fear
    in candlelight,
    beyond the shadow of doubt
    to where the truth of another is,

    only the bravely humble see that majesty
    that reigns through the pain
    of this veil of tears,
    to feel the easing devotion
    of a longing companion,

    still, allow that reflection
    of comfort and joy
    to flow through you
    in knowing communion,

    and, in so doing,
    experience the waiting healing
    of God’s mystery.