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Something's Rotten in Congress

November 26, 2004

Mark Levine intended to appear today to discuss on “Sound off with Sasha,” a National Public Radio station in South Florida (WGCU/WMKO), Congressional procedures in the recent ominbus legislation. Although technical problems in Florida prevented the show from taking place, you can still discuss the issues below:
Do you think Members of Congress read legislation before it’s passed? Not in this Congress.
Do you think bills supported by the majority of legislators voting in the House and Senate become law? Not in this Congress.
Do you think provisions rejected by solid votes in both Houses of Congress still become law? You bet.
Do you think that massive amounts of taxpayer money goes to fund pork to special interests who turn around and use the money to finance Congressional campaigns? Yep, barely concealed bribery.
Do you think that if the Majority Leader is indicted for taking illegal corporate cash and diverting the resources Federal Homeland Security agency to monitor Democrats trying to prevent an unprecedent gerrymandering scheme that he can still lead Congress? Absolutely. The Republican Caucus would not even allow a documented vote on this.
The $388 billion omnibus legislation and its provisions includes:
– allowing Congressional aides to examine your tax returns
– ending overtime for millions of workers
– supporting job outsourcing
– overruling all state laws requiring abortions to be part of health care plans

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  • Frenchie November 29, 2004 10:11 pm

    Perfect, Gordon!

  • Dr. Freud November 29, 2004 6:14 pm

    Summer, actually I am the last person I take too seriously:
    Perhaps the greatest sin of all
    is taking oneself too seriously.
    Lucifer’s fault was pride,
    he couldn’t bow to the Father’s will,
    it was a bitter pill
    for him to acknowledge
    the destiny of man
    as higher than that
    of Angels.
    Humility is the cleanser
    for the ego’s mess,
    it washes out foolish illusion,
    prepares us for a walk with God

  • Summer November 29, 2004 5:56 am

    Dr. Freud,
    I am just going to make blind innuendo – cuz i’s stooopid dr – ain’t no one as smart as you now is there ?
    we’ll see who is blind. you don’t quote scripture cuz you’re too busy quoting “freud” – your mind is full of yourself –