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Stop Police Violence! [NV]

December 5, 2014

In Ferguson, you could at least argue there were contradictory witnesses.
But the video of the police killing Eric Garner in NYC is just stunning. There’s no excuse. The man was absolutely non-violent. He didn’t want to be arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes. But surely the police could have found a way to arrest him without killing him. I would think a threat to tase him — without even needing to tase him — would have caused him to put his hands behind his back. And was an arrest even necessary?
Couldn’t the police have just issued a summons (like they do when you get a speeding ticket) and let him argue his case before a judge? Killed for selling untaxed cigarettes???
“I can’t breathe,” Eric Garner said. And the video took my breath away. Watch the video. The police officer who killed Garner has to be prosecuted.
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