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Sunday Weekday Review

February 13, 2005

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– More details on the Bush budget, cutting aid to poor children, police officers, veterans, to protect tax cuts for millionaires…

– Mourning for Arthur Miller
– A Virginia bill to prevent showing underwear in public
– Ties between Bush’s new deputy Nat’l Security Advisor Elliot Abrams and self-proclaimed Messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon
– And much more, including this explosive INSIDE SCOOP update by the Brad Blog, detailing the ONE MILLION DOLLAR payoff offered Clint Curtis, developer of vote-rigging software for the Florida Republican Party (and the then-Speaker of its legislature and current Congressman) Tom Feeney.
– And anything else you want to bring up…

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  • Anonymous Smith April 5, 2006 9:22 am

    The Imposter
    The imposter poses as a person,
    appearing to be a part
    of the maddening scene,
    yet with motives quite different
    from the earthbound mind,
    not concerned with the matters of men
    as much as the ego would say,
    but driven by a purpose
    quite alien,
    Directed to see a different world
    than represented by false façade,
    drawn to the battle of deep emotions
    in the energy war between love and fear,
    fluid, fluctuating thoughts
    bogging low and slow,
    then dancing high and fast,
    sc-ttered then controlled,
    to and fro
    in the vista beyond good or bad,
    Where victory is heaven
    and defeat is hell,
    from moment to moment,
    from glad to sad
    and back again.
    Strange place this
    with needy souls;
    the imposter’s cause is to help
    and not get caught in the hurt.

  • Clactu Florinia February 16, 2005 8:36 am

    Jen–Mr. Beranga will take your response as a definite maybe–perhaps you would be interested in viewing the compensation package?

  • Jen February 16, 2005 12:05 am

    Gort – Lay off the sick comments to me and crawl back into your swamp.