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Sunday Weekly Review

October 2, 2005

With Tom Delay Gone, is it the End of an Era?
1) The Beginning of the End of Congressional Corruption and Croneyism?
Well, it’s a good start…
– Tom Delay INDICTED! and removed as Majority Leader of the House
– The SEC investigation into Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s suspicious stock sale
– The indictment of Bush’s chief procurement officer David Safavian
– The Feds closing in on Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, now that Reporter Judith Miller is out of jail
2) Post-Katrina Disasters
– Brownie goes ballistic! (FEMA Director Mike Brown “Blame-Games” everyone except himself)
– Congress lavishes your tax dollars on non-tax-paying corporations
– Bush desperately tries to look busy on Hurricane Rita
3) Hundreds of Thousands March in Opposition to War. Hundreds….yes only hundreds…march in support of it
And other news of the week…

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  • Nurse Kratchet October 15, 2005 9:17 am

    Fred, help is just a smile away, now take your medication